Young Knives Live for IVW & The Adelphi

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Young Knives performing live for The Adelphi for Independent Venue Week.


Supporting our grass roots Independent venues is always important but this year it’s even more so. Independent venues are the life blood of the UK’s music scene and they are under threat. Rent and running costs don’t stop just because gigs have and these small venues have eye-watering overheads even when they are standing idle.

As a band who have played in these venues up and down the country for over 15 years, these places have supported us and now it is time for us to support them. That’s why we want to call on our supporters and music fans in general to do what they can to help out. Another demand for money is hard at the moment we know, so it can just be a token gensture, whatever you can do.

We asked Independent Venue week how we could help the most and they asked if we could give all of the donations to one venue and suggested The Adelphi Club in Hull. The Adelphi has been at the heart the UK touring circuit for over 35 years. We spoke to Paul “Jacko” Jackson who has run it for all those years and he explained that this springboard for many successful artists (Oasis, Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine, The Housemartins to name but a few) is now facing one of it’s most difficult challenges. The venue has always existed for the love of music and Jacko and his small staff have often found themselves on the edge of financial difficulty but the pandemic really threatens their existence. Even when gigs do start again, which may not be until the Autumn, the knock on effects will be huge.

On 30th January we will be performing one of our regular Caravan Live-streams in support of IVW with all proceeds going to the Adelphi. A 50 minute session of music and some fun inbetween. The session will be free as always, but please show your love here by making a teeny, or massive donation to the cause.
The session will be live on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Sign up for notifications on your favourite platform.

Live on Facebook: www.facebook.com/youngknives/live
Live on Twitter: www.twitter.com/youngknives
Live on YouTube: www.youtube.com/youngknives

See you there and please feel free to share this far and wide.
Henry & House x