Jarvis Cocker, whose band Pulp played at the Adelphi over 9 times on their way to fame, and Paul Heaton have agreed to be Patrons of the Adelphi in our new community.

Paul Heaton, a performer synonymous with Hull, regularly played at the club in the 1980s,
and explained why he, along with Jarvis Cocker took on the role of patron of the venue in its
new guise. “The Housemartins used the Adelphi as a rehearsal space, a regular gig, and at
times, a sort of youth club/bar,” said the singer-songwriter. “Without the place, we would have
had half the rehearsals, half the gigs and half the experiences.”

“Doubtless, this has been the case with hundreds, if not thousands, of bands since.
Becoming patron is hopefully, in some small way, going to help this great work continue into
the future.”

We are delighted to welcome new patrons this year including
Jeffrey Lewis (Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts) USA
Ed Hamell (Hamell on Trial) USA
Philip Selway (Radiohead)
This is the Kit (Kate Stables, Rozi Plain, Neil Smith & Jamie Whitby-Coles)