Celebrating 30 Years Of Hull’s New Adelphi Club

In Sept/Oct 2014 Hull’s New Adelphi Club celebrated its 30th Anniversary. A week of special events were organised to mark this moment in the history of this famous venue.

One Night on Earth 2018

This 20 minute film captures ONE NIGHT of music at Hull’s New Adelphi Club on 15th Feb 2018. The film contains live footage from BEINGS, MARTHA HILL, and HAMELL ON TRIAL. This specific evening was particularly significant as the new status of this legendary music venue was revealed to the public. The club is now a Community Interest Company which may help secure funding that will ensure that the Adelphi will continue to offer quality independent music to the people of Hull. A film by Mark Richardson.

Independent Venue Week 2018

They are the venues that help keep live music alive and provide a platform for the next big things to hone their trade. Now, during Independent Venue Week, we speak to the owner of Hull’s legendary Adelphi club to see why live music still matters.

KCOM Culture February 2018

30th Anniversary Film 2014

A short film by Mark Richardson.

Jarvis Cocker at The Adelphi Hull 2009

 25th Anniversary Film 2009

Filmed in 2009 and voiced by Eddie Smith (The Gargoyles) & Hugh Whittaker (The Gargoyles & Housemartins) to celebrate the 25 year anniversary through a week long exhibition in the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull. Written by Chris Dimmack. Kinetic Typography Mike Tierney.

Curtis Eller; Old time religion

New York City’s angriest yodelling banjo player Curtis Eller talks about Hull and The Adelphi Club before his 2012 show. He also performs an exclusive version of the new track ‘Old Time Religion’.

John Peel’s Sounds of the Suburbs – Humberside 1999

Thanks to citypoison for this !!! A 1999 Channel 4 series in which John Peel visits British towns that spawned musical trends. John Peel meets young Hull band Mr Ed, Lou Duffy Howard, former bass player of Red Guitars (now performing with her new band Gagarin), Robert Wyatt of Soft Machine and Alan Raw of dub reggae band Back to Base. He also meets local graffiti artists – Smell, Pinky and Spam. At the Adelphi Club, Hull, Peel talks to proprietor Paul Jackson who is working to foster local talent.

 The New Adelphi Club; The Untold Story

Filmed in 2008 by the Hull College media department as a short introduction to The Adelphi.


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