Wonderful times. Seems like yesterday…..

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I was a student at the University of Hull from 1984 to 1987. Wonderful times.

A Friday night beginning at the Adelphi and ending at Spiders or the Silhouette still resonates to this day. Many, many dear memories (including the subsequent marriage of my flat-mate, Pink Noise guitarist and still long-time friend Nick Clay, to Sharon who worked the bar at the Adelphi all those years ago). That was one of those gigs where people seemed to be literally hanging off the ceiling to see the bands and sweat dripped from every pore, only to be immediately frozen by the arctic winds once outside.


Best gig? Easy. The Housemartins signing gig. Pink Noise, the Gargoyles and the Housemartins during which the Housemartins signed their major record label contracts on-stage and on each other’s backs (if I recall rightly). My old mate, Martin Owens, was filling in for Hugh of the Housemartins on the drums for the Gargoyles. He wore dustmen’s overalls and almost passed out in the heat.


Other memories include the incomparable Mike and Eddie experience (Monday nights if I remember correctly), featuring the lunacy of Eddie from the Gargoyles and Mike from the Velvetones. Way, way ahead of their time.

I remember being impressed by the The Happy Mondays on a cold and rainy Tuesday evening in front of about 25 people. I also remember a Primitives gig as being a standout and the Membranes (from Blackpool?) were always a laugh. Pulp seemed to play every week usually in front of about 12 people, seven of whom were usually playing pool in the back.


More than anything else though, I will always remember the Adelphi as the place for local bands good and bad (and some were very bad) to get their chance, if nothing else, just to put on a show.

Pink Noise, the Gargoyles, Death by Milkfloat, Three Action, Swift Nick’s ranting and, of course, the Housemartins, were the standouts. Seems like yesterday…..

Adam Richards is a lawyer based in New York, USA. He moved to the city in 1990, following a brief relocation to London after graduating from the University of Hull. He is now married and lives in Brooklyn with his wife and three children.

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