The Warren has Grand Ambitions… but no Grand Piano!

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“So you might be sat thinking, ‘Well what is the link, between pianos and Hull and young kids on the brink?”

That’s just one of the lines from the film we made to try and win Jamie Cullum’s grand piano. After hearing about this great opportunity, our counselling coordinator Emma Wilkinson wrote a very powerful poem and we enlisted a team of young people including film maker Josh Moore and musician and song writer Ysabelle Wombwell to bring it to life.

After receiving over 1000 views in a few days we found out we had made it to the final 6! Now pushing 3000 views and a whole lot of media and press we really stand a chance to bring this beautiful instrument to Hull City Of Culture. 


In order for us to win we need your vote.. but not just you, your family, your friends, your pets (as long as they have an email). It’s simple..

  1. Go to
  2. Choose ‘The Warren Young People’s Project’ video
  3. Insert your email address
  4. Click VOTE!! 
  5. Share with all your friends

If we win this piano it will make a huge difference to many young people’s lives, not only to have access to such an inspirational instrument form one of the world’s most famous jazz artists, but it will show what we can achieve as a community if we work together. 

Thanks you so much for your help and support, this whole process has been great fun, and if you still don’t understand why young people in Hull deserve a grand piano.. watch the video and read these words.. 

It ain’t rocket science but we think it’s essential
That the kids in this city reach their full potential

So here at the Warren we all try our best
To ensure that young people are facing less stress

And we want to empower the ones with no voice
To take charge of their lives so they all have a choice

So you might be sat thinking ‘Well what is the link?
Between pianos and Hull and young kids on the brink’

Of despair with no hope, when they’re just trying to cope
With the scale of the problems they face as they grope

For a break in the tension, a moment of bliss
When they can lift up their eyes and shout “YEAH THIS IS IT!”

And you might think it’s clichéd, or weird, or a joke
That we want a piano when we’re all pretty broke

And we’ve got bigger things going on in our lives
Than tinkling the ivories and giving high fives

But like Shawhank Redemption when he puts on that tune
And the whole of that place flies as high as the moon

And in a moment of beauty when you let a note soar
And your heart is uplifted like never before

And that perfect chord gets under your skin
And you can’t help but hear cos it goes right on in

Like the note at the end of a beautiful song
And you want to believe and you want to belong

And you might think we don’t know chaconne from etude
Cos we’re too busy rapping to hear a prelude

But listen to us when we tell you for real
That music affects how we look, think and feel

And those 88 keys might not change our wealth
But it might make a difference to our mental health

If you still don’t believe us then do us a favour
Get yourself to a keyboard and bang out C Major