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Speaking to The Big Issue’s Venue Watch campaign recently, DJ Steve Lamacq named the Adelphi as his favourite grassroots venue. “I still remember my first trip to the Hull Adelphi,” he said. “I walked past it twice, before realising that that was the venue. It’s absolutely legendary that place and the bands who have come through it.”

Read this Big feature in The latest Big Issue. Full article here:

Venue Watch analysis: The Adelphi Club, Hull

“I find that as the weeks pass, I’m writing about places that are of such musical significance I’m amazed they aren’t protected on an official register or something. We categorise old buildings, ancient monuments, churches, sites of natural beauty and of course place of cultural significance. In a week where we’ve seen a glimmer of hope in the budget and a much-vaunted Government committee promising assistance, isn’t it time we issued some kind of protection orders on our musical sites of cultural significance?

If you get a chance got to the website of this week’s Venue Watch subject The Adelphi Club in Hull. It’s staggering just who has played there, who has got their first gigs and chances to shine in its wonderful space.

In my book, this tiny club has as much significance in the UK’s cultural and historical records of protection as Nelson’s Column or Salisbury Cathedral. This priceless venue has enriched the lives of thousands. For that alone, the City of Hull should list it as a piece of both nationally and locally important heritage, and that should come with protection. As ever I ask you to go to their giving page and bung them a couple of quid.

But to the various politicians who represent themselves as protectors of our national identity I’d say grassroots music venues like the Adelphi are a pretty good place to start. They are important pieces of our history. No country that claims to care about its history would leave such places without protection.”

By Phil Ryan – musician, writer, co-founder of The Big Issue and The 12 Bar Club.