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KAYO DOT tonight, is not to be missed as Paul Jackson himself said “I don’t think they’ll be good, I KNOW that they will be a phenomenal live experience”.  So come down and see what all the fuss is about!

The experimental avant rock band  KAYO DOT are coming to Europe to present their new album. KAYO DOT is a undefinable band based in Brooklyn, NY.


Kayo Dot has never made the same record twice. To read various descriptions from magazines and reviews, you might feel like you couldn’t be reading about the same band. From chamber music to black metal to goth to jazz and avant-garde classical — nothing really fits. Is Hubardo the “true” Kayo Dot? Is Coffins on Io? Choirs of the Eye? Does the question need an answer?

Not to be missed! Only 3 UK dates; London, Hull & Manchester!
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