New Fonda 500 album!

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Hello there Fonda fans and potential investors. Nicholas from Fonda 500 here.

We’re just about to start making our 7th album, our first for almost 9 years and it’s a very exciting time. We want you all to be involved in the process. We’ve made some great things in the past and this one we want to be the very best yet.

As it’s our first one for such a long time and we’re super excited about it, we’re going to make something extra special. It’s going to be a vinyl only release with a digital download for those of you who want to keep the analogue item in pristine condition. It’s going to be a thing of beauty, not only the object but the music too.

We want to share our things with you if you’ll let us. Come on… join the 500! Nx

Risks and challenges

We love the sound of deadlines whizzing past, however, this time we’re going for it. The album recording is going to be complete by the start of summer so that we can get it onto vinyl for all the ears that wish to hear it by the end of summer. The album will be in all investors hands by the time the leaves begin to turn orange. If the album isn’t out by the time the leaves turn orange, I’ll personally go out and repaint every very last one of them green.
This is a fully independent production and so this project is all ours. Check it out at…

Please share the good news with all the friends and animals. For this to happen we need your support.