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The New Adelphi Club is a community, a creative community, your community. This page is dedicated to local talent. We’re encouraging local musicians and bands to use the site as a platform to increase their regional and national profile. Simply email your written profiles of 150 words accompanied by a good quality landscape musician/band picture, soundtrack and/or video/youtube link to: hello@sowden-sowden.co.uk and we’ll upload it for free. In association with The Warren Project

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“Having formed in their home town of Hull, BREEZE are a 4 piece who have made huge strides in the nine months they’ve been together having already gained support slots with the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen, Skaters and Drowners. From post-punk beginnings, the band evoked shades of shoe gaze greats Jesus and Mary Chain, with growling vocals reminiscent of the late Lux Interior. Their self-titled debut E.P (recorded at Mountain Sound Recording Studio with Producer Patrick Tobin) saw the band evolve from reverb drenched early demos, to driven pulsed dirty guitars. Having already played this years Humber Street Sesh and Freedom Festival, as well as upcoming shows on the Main Stage at Trinity Festival along with a number of out of town shows scheduled, the band are in for a busy end to 2014. The E.P is available as a physical CD and on all major digital streaming platforms via Warren Records.”





“Jon Calvert, Liam Foster, Jordan van Beem and Conor Maher are COAVES. Infusing catchy up-beat choruses and tracks created to burn the soles off your shoes, they deliver a funk of sounds to new band experience. As sometimes is the case, new bands are prone to statements and comparisons, not these guys. They’ve got their own thing going on. It’s impossible to pigeon hole them.”  – Ashley Spink (Don’t Fight It, Feel It)




Counting Coins

Get ready to skank, pogo, mosh, jig, polka and maybe even waltz – like a hyperactive kid on Kia-Ora, the Counting Coins sound refuses to stay still, switching from Ska Punk to Gypsy to Hip Hop and back again several times in the same song. The one constant is energy – which you will need by the truckload to keep up with these boys. Since forming in 2009, they have steadily built a reputation for stealing the limelight sharing stages with Random Hand, Sonic Boom Six, Melt Banana and Reverend & The Makers among many others. Whether its an opening support slot or a headline gig one thing is guaranteed, Counting Coins want everyone to get involved and they won’t take no for an answer.

No enemies, no strangers…




Cousins Dexter Brolls and Jordan Blakestone are Dbrizzle. The current LP that they are working on is a collection of upbeat rock and roll tunes with half a mind to get you dancing.

Our Soundcloud account is https://soundcloud.com/d-brizzle-1/coca-cola


Dead Hormones

Well known for their high energy performances, Dead Hormones are definitely a band you should not miss live.

“Dead Hormones have a sound that is as schizophrenic as the Summer. Songs rise and fall as the band move through the gears.” – Michelle Dee

Their debut self-titled EP is now be available digitally on iTunes and from all other major online retailers. On the back of this they are heading back into the studio to record more fresh material before making plans to venture further across the UK in the rest of 2014 and into 2015. Originally released in 2013 at the legendary New Adelphi Club, a local gem, the self-titled debut EP had previously only been available from the band at shows and festivals. But now that they are working towards recording their second project, it’s a chance to download a digital version of the bands first release.

“Dead Hormones take a trip through time, as eerie effects recall the grandiose rock sounds of the seventies that morphs into the fusion funk/rock of trailblazers RHCP.”- Michelle Dee

music link – https://soundcloud.com/dead-hormones-uk

video link –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDi2UhUrKOU



Kristian Eastwood is a singer songwriter born and based in Hull

His creativity was apparent from a young age. He started his original music career fronting a local band called Mr Mojo, after 2 years in the band he gained priceless experience, playing Leeds and reading festivals twice, KC stadium, and venues across the country. He very quickly found he had an desire and a knack for penning his own songs, and for the last 10 years he has been writing and performing in various projects, taking him to countries and venues across the world. Now having gained the respect and reputation as a great live vocalist, front man, and unique original song writer, Eastwood has launched his solo career, with a great band and team around him.

Keep up to date with all Eastwood tunes, gigs and news here www.eastwood-official.co.uk




Feasibility study

Hi we are an experimental electronic and avant-garde duo from Hull called Feasibility Study comprising of Rob Barlow and Graham Fialkiewicz. We have been following industrial/electronic music since the late 70’s being inspired be acts such as Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, Kraftwerk and Chrome. After not hearing stuff we liked we decided to pick up any instruments/laptops we could find and have a go ourselves. We really do record in a garage and the results of our labours can be found on our Soundcloud page.




FictiΘn focus on original material with sophisticated arrangements, accessible melodies, complex rhythms and lyrics with a dark side. FictiΘn describe ourselves as contemporary, acoustic driven rock, though we have also been described as “jazz tinged English folk rock” which is kind of cool but also indicates that our music has genre breadth. FictiΘn is a 4 piece acoustic band. In loud mode is a classic vocal, bass, drums fronted by a freaky bodiless acoustic run to an amplifier. In relaxed mode it’s more about Cajon and traditional acoustic guitars. FictiΘn gigs explore both light and shade, prod the emotions and, lyrically, understand that life is complex; but not in an artsy way, this stuff rocks. FictiΘn: intelligent music for people who want to rock and dance and be left thinking.

Just because it’s acoustic doesn’t mean it can’t use amplifiers.
Just because it’s acoustic doesn’t mean it can’t rock.

Twitter @FictionalLive

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fictionuk

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/simon-hudson-9


Loudhailer Electric Company

Loudhailer Electric Company – Original psychedelic  west coast electric folk featuring members of Dead Fingers Talk, Red Guitars, Nazca Nine, The Planet Wilson and Celtarabia.

“Raw hard-edged sound and screaming guitars were light years away from psychedelia as I remember it and all the better for it! A new sound is among us!” – Sheila Jones

“I loved the set to bits…The feel was perfect.” – Fred Gill

“Imagine The Doors meet Siouxsie and the Banshees via Patty Smith…loved it!” – Rob Eunson

Loudhailer Electric

Website: http://loudhailer.net/cmon-a-trip-with-the-loudhailer-electric-co/

Youtube EPK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snkoiRQpmlc

Contact: For bookings or any other info email loudhailer@duffyhoward.karoo.co.uk


The Glass Delusion

Art-rock duo from Hull.

The group started out as a five-piece and launched their debut single, The Right Honourable Reverend Doctor Smith, on 7″ vinyl in 2012. The band supported the likes of Jeffrey Lewis and The Chap at the New Adelphi Club during their first year together, and also played a well-received slot at the inaugural Humber Street Sesh. Geographic relocations led the group to become a duo, consisting of Lewis Young on guitar and vocals and Carlos Macklin on drums. In 2013, they recorded a debut EP of 14 songs, each lasting exactly one minute. The EP is called ‘Have You Got a Minute?’ and can be found through the band’s record label, The Adult Teeth Recording Company. In 2014, the band collaborated with Leeds-based poet Matthew Hedley Stoppard, creating the music to accompany his words, resulting in an album called ‘Runt County’. Tracks from the record have been featured on BBC 6 Music and BBC local radio stations across the country.

Former/occasional members: Phil Wilson, Sallie Currie, Espen Jensen, James Wood.




The Holy Orders

“Just when you’ve had it with Strokes/Interpol/Editors soundalikes, along come The Holy Orders and restore your faith in indie guitar music” Tom Robinson – BBC 6music

The Holy Orders were first told that their amps were too loud in 2006. Since then, the four-piece from Hull have divided the opinions of many sound engineers. The combination of strong songs, melodies, massive amounts of energy and huge dynamics has gained them a reputation as a ferocious live act. Their debut album ‘For the Ears of Dogs to Come’ was released in the summer of 2013 and has been gathering acclaim ever since. They are currently releasing a series of singles planned to go well into 2015.”

“The Holy Orders are here to rescue rock from the fakes, the phonies and the frauds” – The Devil has the Best Tuna

“The best thing out of Hull since the Humber Bridge” – Josh T. Pearson

music link: http://www.soundcloud.com/theholyorders

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cq40xUgHWgc



2014 saw the emergence of LIFE; a band of brothers who write Beat-yoof words over driving punk grooves, the band have quickly built a national profile thanks to brilliantly received singles their double A debut ‘Money/Crawling’ started the ball rolling; single of the week in Artrocker, ‘Crawling’ handpicked for numerous plays on Radio 1 by Zane Lowe and The Line of Best Fit predicting the boys were on their way to becoming ‘one of the country’s most exciting new acts’. Their blazing follow-up, the anthemic ‘Take Off With You’ gained even more love: featuring in The Guardian’s ten best new alternative songs; hailed by Pigeons & Planes as ‘a massive sound [with] the edge that you want from rock’ and playlisted by XFM and Amazing Radio with further plays on 6Music, Jen & Ally and Zane on Radio 1 again. The band have toured the sh*t out of 2014 playing all major urban city events from Live at Leeds to The Great Escape and have had a successful string of festival appearances; the group recently coming back to Hull to headline the city’s Freedom Festival. It’s onwards and upwards for this ‘working’ band and in a London-centric music industry dominated by co-writes and privilege, LIFE bring something authentic to the table as NME put it LIFE ‘are on a quest to make you fall in love again.’


Facebook @lifebanduk

Twitter: @lifebanduk


Light Therapy

Light Therapy are a punk/rock trio formed in early 2014 by lead guitarist and vocalist Harvey Beck with Dan Orr on the bass and later joined by drummer Oli Stockley. They began covering classic crowd pleasing songs with big audience expectations from the likes of The Who, Blink 182, Green Day and Queens of the Stone Age.  Now writing and performing their own material their influences shine through, but with their very own unique style. Their songs are fast-paced with punchy drum beats and are reminiscent of the 90’s pop punk scene.


Our Soundcloud account is www.soundcloud.com/lighttherapyofficial


Lost By Eleven

Just recently Lost By Eleven have taken part in Hulls Trinity Festival playing at old town’s bar Trinity, and had a great response from Warren Records hosts, Only recently formed in early 2014, they’re already playing numerous venues around Lincolnshire, including getting through Heat1 of Scunthorpe’s Battle of the Bands – in style. Making full use of 3 instruments, they have meaningful lyrics that make bold statements and also, that you can giggle along too. After Tom breaking his wrist in Feb 2014 they thought it was all over with him not being able to play guitar, but determined they stuck together and now better than ever with busy arrangements and clever dynamics they perform a great show – not to miss!

Facebook page:- http://www.facebook.com/lostbyeleven

Soundcloud:- http://www.soundcloud.com/lostbyeleven




MyOneManBand is the alter-ego of  live, improvisational composer Phill Wilson. Over the last four years MyOneManBand has been creating electronica in real-time out of “organic” sound such as the classical guitar, marimba, dulcimer, kalimba and vibraphone with synthetic textures electronic percussion, bleeps, beeps and hiss. MyOneManBand treats his whole live rig of samplers, synths and sequencers as one giant instrument to be played with and jammed on to create unique, never-to-be-repeated performances that untie him from the usual mouse clicking and screen gazing of modern electronica.

You can find an archive of all of his live performances over at his you tube channel:

or you can find out more about upcoming projects via his website:


Oedipus the King

‘Oedipus the King’ are an eclectic four piece alternative rock band based in Hull. Oedipus formed in late 2011 through a love of the obscure and making really, really loud noises. Their influences stem from a plethora of places; including the music of Explosions in the Sky and Modest Mouse, to mixed media such as; art and films, which they make use of during live shows with curious samples and visuals leading to the championship of Tom Robinson through his 6music mix tape and live shows with Parisian post-rock outfit ‘Kwoon’, ‘Girls names’ and ‘United Fruit’. Oedipus mix an array of cinematic and expansive sound-scapes, with a haunting and diverse alt rock sound. Oedipus’ debut EP ‘Colossus’ was released in 2012 and their long awaited follow up ‘Budapest’ is due to be released globally in late 2014′

YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhRu-C4OaE0

Band Camp – www.oedipustheking.co.uk


Office Party

Formed in late 2011, four piece indie band Office Party have gone from strength to strength, establishing themselves a place on the Hull music scene through up-beat, danceable guitar music encompassing catchy melodies and classic rhythms creating what has been described as a ‘vintage sound’. In 2013 the band recorded three tracks with Derby based label Sound-Hub Records, the first of which, ‘Fine Without You’, described by BBC Introducing’s Alan Raw as having “an old-Hull sound” was released through the label on 08/10/13 and is available to download from all major music sites. The band have recently a second single ‘Not Getting Any Younger’ released on 01/09/14 and have also recorded a six track mini album with Sound-Hub, expected to be released within the next few months.

‘Not Getting Any Younger’ – Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ee2L2yx3j5Q


Pearl’s Cab Ride

“Way back in 1991 two like minds met in a taxi queue after a night out and a conversation ensued about their shared love of old soul and latin records. Pearl’s Cab Ride was born and after recruiting musicians with the chops to fulfil the vision the band gigged regularly all around the country until the funk finally fizzled out late into the decade. A personal request from the curator of Hull’s Art Rave festival saw the band re-group to play a storming set and they decided they were having too much fun to stop. Latinesque RnB with a driving funky soul, this musical brew is eased along by some of the city’s hottest players. Percussion work-outs feature along with blistering guitar, blinding brass and rhythmic keys topped off by the formidable vocals of Hull’s ‘pocket rocket’ Lyn Acton. With grooves firmly aimed at the dance-floor, Pearl’s Cab Ride are Hull’s hippest trip.”

Vids here!


Sordid Lies

“Energetic, Lust-infused, and catchier than an STI in the 1800’s; when Sordid Lies hit the stage, you know that the night will be brimming with Sleaze Rock Sin. This band of over-the-top rockers are determined to drag back the care-free feeling from the Hair Metal bands of the 80’s and pump it in to the modern age! Sordid Lies are the fun-loving, shits-and-giggles band that wants nothing more than to put on a truly phenomenal show. Blasting their dance-invoking songs all over an audience, they drag out the party animal that sleeps inside everyone. What they lack in…well….they don’t lack, their music is skilled and catchy, their performance is energetic and infectious, and even the most sceptical of musical critics will walk away with their songs rolling around in their heads and will be thoroughly annoyed at the smile that they can’t help but make at remembering the show.”

You can hear us at;

Follow us at;


Street Parade

A true live experience, UK based Street Parade manipulate electronic dance music with all the live elements of an energetic live band.It’s astonishing that such a big sound can come from this three-piece band. Live drum dance beats mixed with bass lines, are the undeniable backbone that mix seamlessly with addictive keyboard and synths. Add in vocals and guitar, and Street Parade step in to a league of their own. Dance beats sing along lyrics and a hard hitting indie format equals a growing fan base, top performance capability and music that will leave you lost for words.


Facebook page; www.facebook.com/jointhestreetparade


Wittys Passage

Wittys Passage are a three-piece Grunge outfit with distortion soaked melodies and the DIY ethos of their Punk predecessors. Taking influence from bands such as Nirvana and Pavement, the vocal duties are shared between Ryan Wilson-Preen and Jodie Smith with Alex Wall providing the driving force behind the drum kit. Together they create a raw energy reminiscent of The Pixies with a biting Northern twang you can expect to hear from this emerging Hull band.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/wittyspassage

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wittys-Passage/642565582498830

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WittysPassage


Young Jack

“Intricate guitars are the staple of Young Jack’s sound. For a group that have been together for such a short time, Young Jack already have a brilliantly refined sound – which goes a long way to ensure that they are being taken seriously.” – Wes Foster – Ten Foot City

“Guitar heavy, they may be, but Young Jack don’t use this as a way to hide a lack of talent. they blaze through their set, tearing up the stage with increasingly energetic enthusiasm, only breaking to thank their appreciative audience with disarming charm. Not overly talkative, they are performers of a different era – you can hear over forty years worth of quality music in their sound. Young Jack have taken the best of generations gone by and made the sound their own.”