Legendary Stiff Records Original

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Legendary Stiff Records original, internationally acclaimed underground artist and a true Hull cultural icon Wreckless Eric returns from upstate New York with a new band.
Playing material from his whole career including Stiff classics, there’s every chance of hearing Semaphore Signals, The Final Taxi, I Wish It would Rain, Walking On The Surface Of The Moon and may be even Whole Wide World! Reconnez Cherie?

‘Wreckless Eric was the pop heart of Stiff Records’
Uncut Magazine June 2104

Tomorrow, Wednesday 10th December.
Tickets £8 from
Doors 8.00pm

How did you and Amy Rigby meet?
“Well, I’ve had a crush on Amy for many years. We met years ago in Hull, in Yorkshire, which is a town in England. I used to be an art student at Hull Art College, I studied painting and sculpture. I was there at the beginning of the 70s. I played in bands out there, I wrote ‘Whole Wide World’ while I was living there. Anyway, years later, a few years ago, Amy was booked to play in this place up in Hull when she was touring. She was booked to play in this place called the ‘Bull Hotel.’ In fact, in the early 70s it was me who made it into a venue. I talked to the landlord and I said, ‘I got a band and we want to play here.’ It was the fist place I played ‘Whole Wide World.’ Years later Amy is playing there and the promoter said, ‘I want you to come over and DJ. I want you to meet Amy, you’ll like it because she does ‘Whole Wide World.’’ I was like, ‘Oh, yeah, yeah. I’ll come along anyway.’ So, I was DJing this gig, I was playing all of these records. I remember being late and also remember being in the middle of splitting up with a long-term girlfriend, but I played ‘Whole Wide World’ with Amy on stage. Then I didn’t see her for a few years and I heard she lived in Alabama or something weird. Then we kept meeting up and I was with someone else. It took ages, but eventually we did get together.”

By: Rich Tupica