Jimmy Cauty’s MdZ ESTATE Tour is Here

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The MdZ ESTATE Tour has arrived in HULL at the New Adelphi Club where it will sit in quarantine until the current lockdown is lifted HOPEFULLY ON 3rd DECEMBER. Subject to government restrictions.

MdZ ESTATE TOUR by Jimmy Cauty is at The New Adelphi Club, 89 De Grey Street, Hull, HU5 2RU from Friday 4th December‬‬ to Saturday 23rd January‬‬ 2021. It’s unmissable – It’s for all ages – It’s at The Adelphi – It’s free !!

Following the world exclusive launch in Stoke-on-Trent in October, we are delighted to host the MdZ ESTATE TOUR in Hull during December and January as part of a UK Tour. The follow-up to the world famous ADP RIOT TOUR sees artist Jimmy Cauty present ESTATE, an interactive, multi-media touring artwork comprising of four concrete tower blocks built ‪at 1:24‬ scale and displayed in a 40ft shipping container. It is in many ways a continuation of the ADP Riot Tour.

Each tower block is 17 floors high (approx. 2 metres) with meticulously crafted derelict interiors – some with lights, toilets and tiny TVs playing looped public information broadcasts. One tower block is dedicated to residential and light industrial Live Work Die units, another is a children’s prison, the third a high-rise residential care home, and the last appears to have functioned as a pagan religious centre. They are all empty and no one knows what happened to the inhabitants.

The container has three operating modes: LOCKDOWN, STANDBY and FULL ENGLISH

In These Covid Times, It is ESSENTIAL to BOOK your FREE ticket
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*For those too young to remember The KLF, Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty hijacked pop in the 1980s and 90s with outlandish antics involving lasers, house music, a Viking longship and a million-pound bonfire. ‘They were agents of chaos. Now the world they anticipated is here’.

We’re privileged to have a Jimmy Cauty in The Adelphi car park and a Bill Drummond in The Adelphi Club. The justified and ancient. Ⓐ