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SCHEIßEGELD are the latest musical project of HULL musician/producer/ex-FILA BRAZILLIA/SOLID DOCTOR: STEVE COBBY. This seven piece band have a unique musical philosophy and recently played their debut gig at Hull’s New Adelphi Club. This 20 minute documentary by Mark Richardson attempts to capture the musical philosophy of SCHEIßEGELD and contains interviews with Steve Cobby and fellow band members Mike Scott and Paul Sarel. The film also contains live footage from their debut performance at The Adelphi. SCHEIßEGELD are possibly Hull’s most experimental band.

Improvisation collective featuring members of Fila Brazillia, Baby Mammoth, Rocky Nest, Horse Guards Parade etc…
Steve Cobby, Paul Sarel, Andy Dimmack, Mark Blissenden, Mike Scott, Carl Hogarth & Archie.

SCHEIßEGELD take to The Adelphi stage this Saturday 28th March. It’s free entry.

#1 No rehearsals #2 Record everything #3 One take, no dubs #4 Never play the same song twice