Blossoms support at Adelphi

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The Blossoms tour support will play The Adelphi in October… With an “uninspiring vegetable” to create an “uninspiring band name”, Cabbage are heading to Hull and bringing their political beliefs with them.

The Manchester-band are about to embark on a tour with Stockport’s finest, Blossoms, but are first headlining their own tour around the UK, which brings them to Hull’s Adelphi in October.

 “I used to be a roadie and helped set up a band once at Adelphi, but we have never there before,” says Cabbage member Joe. “We’re a relatively new band, we only got together last year, but we can’t wait to play at the Adelphi because we know how great and characteristic it is.”

The band have decided to play at independent music venues around the country on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, in order to help support underground music, and are hoping Adelphi will be as good to them as they hope.

“Independent music venues do better on weekend nights, so that’s why we’ve gone for weekend tour dates,” says Joe. “We’ve played several festivals and scattered gigs, but this will be our first tour and we’ve got high hopes Hull will be great.”

But the band will also hopefully be returning with album chart-toppers Blossoms in December.

Joe says: “We’ve met Blossoms and its great their giving a new band a chance. We’re a punk band, so are polar opposites to Blossoms, but there’s a nice meeting point between our styles.

“There is still room for pop music and Blossoms do it really well. We have a song that goes along the theme of Jimmy Saville’s connection with the Royal Family, which has a quite a poppy chorus, and lyrically pop songs can be great.”

Admittedly having “never envisaged” putting a band together, the four best mates from the north west started laying down some tracks, and it all spiralled from there.

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When & where: Thursday, October 20, 8pm. Adelphi, De Grey Street, Hull. Tickets cost £6.