An ACE in the hole!

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The New Adelphi Club CIC Awarded £29.4k Arts Council Emergency Response Funding

As mentioned on our radio show a couple of weeks ago, we are delighted to announce that The New Adelphi Club has been awarded £29.4k of public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. The emergency response funding will help to cover the building running costs as well as supporting the Adelphi to adapt its cultural activities during lockdown including continuing The Adelphi Radio which is now delivering three shows per week.

Director Paul Jackson says – ‘News that our grant application had been successful was an incredibly emotional moment for me as I sat gawping into my computer in isolation. It felt like justification of not just my own existence: but of all the precious time, funding, passion and thought that has kept our leaky ship afloat these past 36 yrs. I feel the award represents justification & success for the many great Adelphi people who, over the years have lent their considerable skills to our cause, along with those who continue to do so. You know who you are. Whereas a month ago there were serious doubts as to whether we would be able to survive lockdown, this award gives optimism that the Adelphi will not just survive: but will continue to develop its activities within music and the community while retaining its integrity, purity and uniqueness. Big thanks to all Adelphi heroes.’