All the threes

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The Adelphi and Paul Jackson will celebrate 33 years since the club opened as a music venue on Sunday 1st October 2017.
Although the liquor licence was granted at 89 De Grey Street in 1923 when established as The Victory Club and Institute, The New Adelphi Club, as a music venue, opened it’s doors on 1st October 1984. The rest is history. Well over 30,000 bands and knocking on a million music punters.

“The first bands to play here were Vagrant and Cold Dance.  After that more bands came – and the regulars went elsewhere.  Inside, music replaced the sound of bottles whistling past your ears, whilst outside the street fights and burglaries diminished.  The young of Hull rapidly adopted the Adelphi as theirs.  The Housemartins were one of the first names to play here, and early out-of-town bands included Pulp and The Shamen.  Students also started to attend.  The Adelphi was one of only a handful of venues that actually welcomed them.”  (Paul Jackson)

On Sunday we welcome Barry The Fish Melton (from the USA) & Stephane Missri (from Paris) with the amazing Crooked Wether and Disco 4 Million.

Come along and join the birthday celebrations. The story continues.