A Sheffield Sunday

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SOLD OUT – A Sheffield Sunday

On Sunday 5th October it will be almost 30 years to the day that Paul Heaton walked into The New Adelphi Club in Hull, approached Paul Jackson, and asked for the opportunity to play.”The first band who played here was a band called Vagrant. The second band was a band called Cold Dance who were a sort of Goth band. The third band were the Housemartins, who I didn’t know. I think on my second or third night here Paul Heaton came in and asked if his band from the University could have a show. And we put them in, as I say, they became the third band to play the Adelphi. Which got us off to a good start because The Housemartins very rapidly gained a following and it helped put the venue on the map. And I think it’s fair to say the venue helped put The Housemartins on the map. I got the instant impression that this was someone who could make things happen, and that whatever he set his heart on, and wanted sufficiently, he would achieve with grace, intelligence & principle. He did!” Paul Jackson (Adelphi Club Owner)

“One of the most significant moments in my life was The Housemartins signing the record contract with Go! Discs on the Adelphi stage in June 1985.  The Adelphi had been a very important part of building the band’s audience.  The occasion of the signing was the culmination of many months of hard work, especially by Paul (Heaton) and Stan (Cullimore), but it was in recognition of the importance of the club for the band, and the support of Paul Jackson, that we decided to set up the event – and also it would be a bit of fun and something special for the fans.  Let me tell you it wasn’t easy putting my name to a record contract whilst playing the drums – the point was to keep the song going while we all signed – but fortunately I had another arm and two legs to spare. For the record by the way, I think the song was ‘I’ll be your Shelter’ – not a Housemartins original, but a stage stalwart nevertheless.  There are one or two supposedly ‘in the know’ people who allege that the Adelphi signing was entirely symbolic – a way of sharing the ‘promotion’ of one of Hull’s local music ‘teams’ with the punters – and that the REAL contract had been signed in London some days before; but I couldn’t possibly comment.” (Hugh Whittaker, former Housemartin)

Sunday October 5th 2014 It is with huge excitement that we welcome Paul Heaton back to The Adelphi Club to perform with Jacqui on the final night of the 30th Anniversary Celebrations. This promises to be a wonderful and emotional occasion for the club and many local punters, young and older, some of whom will have witnessed Paul and his band perform at the club 30 years ago. This is where is all started, thirty years to the day, a kindred spirit, the perfect finale for this small 200 capacity independent music venue. Welcome home Paul.

Paul & Jacqui are delighted to announce a brand new UK tour (November & December 2014) following the sell- out success of their recent spring tour dates. They are also set to release “Moulding Of A Fool”, the second single to be taken from their Top 3 selling album “What Have We Become” on 21st July.


The special occasion will be hosted by DJ Richard Hawley. (Brit Awards 2013 Nominee Best British Male. A Mercury Prize album of the year Standing at the Sky’s Edge).