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13 Inspiral Carpets Ltd Print


Archived Poster 23 – Inspiral Carpets + Too Much Texas
A2 – 594mm x 420mm
Sunday 4th December 1989
Strictly Limited to 36 prints (36 Years of The Adelphi)

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Following the release of their debut cassette* Dung 4, Peel favourites, Inspiral Carpets played at The Adelphi for the second time in December 1989.

This was one of the last performances with original front man and band founder Stephen Holt. Following this run of gigs the band recruited a new vocalist from the touring support band, Too Much Texas, Tom Hingley as Stephen’s replacement. It was later revealed by Clint Boom that Noel Gallagher had auditioned to for the job!

I think we’ve got a pink label stamped Butterfly 7’’ somewhere that we bought at this gig.

* The Compact Cassette or Musicassette, also commonly called the tape cassette, cassette tape, audio cassette, or simply tape or cassette, is an analog magnetic tape recording format for audio recording and playback. It was developed by Philips in Hasselt, Belgium, and introduced in September 1963. They had their pros and cons… discuss 🤪.