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18 – Happy Mondays Poster Print


Archived Poster – Happy Mondays + Oktoberfest
A2 – 594mm x 420mm
Friday 21st October 1988

Limited Edition.

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The freaky factory dancers themselves appeared, somewhat controversially, on no less than three occasions.

“The Happy Mondays were dominated by both of their managers and the benign smile of a young, and extremely polite, Shaun Ryder, who always seemed grateful for what was given – which was nice.  Manager 1, Phil Saxe, resembled both a manager and a gorilla, but was ok.  Manager 2 was Shaun’s dad, Derek, whom I came to regard as one of the great characters of the live circuit.  He was quiet, highly intelligent, polite and a real music nutcase but with a real serious maverick streak that I came to respect enormously.  The Happy Mondays shows here were great.”  (Paul Jackson)

“Happy Mondays…  what a party, the like of which the Adelphi could not have been prepared for.  Out of control madness, that somehow held itself together by the tiniest of threads.  We all drunkenly danced the night away with a swagger.  My memory is fuzzy, but just remember thinking ‘This is fucking brilliant’.  Paul had to adjust a few clauses in their contract to try and tame their public chemical abuse on their Adelphi return.”  (Jonny Dawe, ex-Death by Milkfloat)

 “They seemed to be on every week at one point.”  (Nick Clay, ex-Pink Noise, who perhaps confuses his weeks with his years!)

“I was really shocked the first time I saw them – they just smoked dope onstage as they played as if it were nothing out of the ordinary.  They did some great shows though.  Bez would be there dancing away – always an interesting distraction!”  (Martin Deas)

“The Happy Mondays: friendly and high and pissed.”  (Tony Peaks. Ex-Kicks/ New Day Rising/Suffocation)