Vulgarians + Odd Rival + The Magdalenes

  • Date:2015-05-07
  • Time:20:00
  • Location:The New Adelphi Club
  • Venue:Vulgarians + Odd Rival + The Magdalenes
  •  Free Entry

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A 4-piece noisy grunge/punk band, infusing an authentic raw sound with reverb-heavy vocal and effects – this is a pulsing, aggressive aural assault. What sets Vulgarians apart from other ‘heavy’ 4 piece bands is the guitar, often veering towards a phototropic shoegaze sound which gives the band a unique edge.

Odd Rival
Odd Rival is a British Indie Rock band from London. “Odd Rival- power trio but not only in a metal sense- groovy wah wha licked, imperious Verve like droney sub psych songs and a nice feel with it all…then they explode with a scream and overdriven bass into something hard and yet yielding..early Verve, the harder end of Kasabian, and when they rock out a bit of Mars Volta even Cream. Good band” – Bugbear Promotions “Interesting mix of heavy sound with melodic riffs…an unusual combination that really has to be heard to be understood….impressive sound for only three people to produce.” – Live Music Scotland

The Magdalenes
An eclectic quartet from Hull, currently causing a stir within the local press . Their sound draws on a range of influences from The Rolling Stones, to Joy Division, to The Stone Roses. Expect jangle guitars, floating bass and hectic drums.