Two City Sounds

  • Date:2015-05-13
  • Time:19:00
  • Location:The New Adelphi Club
  • Venue:Two City Sounds
  •  £4 on the door
 Two City Sounds: In No Particular Order…
The Dyr Sister, 
Delightful Young Mothers,
My Pleasure

£4 on the door 

Meeting Two Cities Sounds – a collaborative event facilitated by Roots and Wings.

~~~An eclectic evening showcasing some fine musicians and DJ’s~~~

Following the first of the nourishment sessions, two musicians and a DJ travelled down to play at the Tin in Coventry. We were greeted by artists, musicians and DJ’s from Coventry at The Tin. We duelled (in a pacifist manner) and then made friends and now we present to you:

The Return Leg…
Bound by nothing but a will to listen to two cities, curator Michael Mayhew works with a number of independent labels / musicians from Coventry & Hull in order to listen to two Sounds of a city in one evening.

Do City’s carry their own sounds?
Are sounds like DNA of a city?
Are audio sound waves like finger prints?

What does Coventry & Hull sound like as a city when captured in guitar, drum, voice, viola, song and the electro-acoustic?

Michael Mayhew is Co/Curator of City Arcadia / Artspace Coventry.

City Arcadia
An Invitation to Enter Optimism
‘The total & harmonious, spiritual, intellectual & physical fulfilment of a city’s inhabitants’
LINK to Film

Coventry-based Accordionist/Songwriter Matthew Campbell formed delightful Young Mothers in 2009. After working solo and through various line up changes, in 2013 Campbell added former DON’T MOVE! band-mate, Mason Le Long (now a member of Batsch), and Tin Angel Records resident drummer, Euan Rodger (Devon Sproule/Marker Starling), to the line up. Campbell was influenced in his formative years by the early British punk movement. He now writes in a style that exudes the passionate attitude of punk whilst exploring a more complex approach to lyrical content and arrangements.

My Pleasure is the experimental pop solo project of Lewis Young, born in Hull, the new City of Culture. Having played in art-rock duo The Glass Delusion and post-punk trio Jesus Christ, the musician is now exploring a more intimate — but no less loud — version of his songwriting, which is influenced by The Fall, LCD Soundsystem and Ty Segall. My Pleasure’s recent run of singles have seen plays on BBC 6 Music and Radio 2.

“One of the best and original indie hearings that you’d probably come across nowadays!” — Sound Injections

“My Pleasure…literally.” — Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

HE IS A PEGASUS is the solo project of 23 year old multi-instrumentalist, David Butler. Hailing from Coventry in the Midlands, Butler has been writing music and gigging regularly since he was 10 years old. That experience is clear in his electrifying live shows, amalgamating the influences of Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Bon Iver and more into his own unique and inimitable style, impressing audiences throughout the UK with an eclectic technical range; with furious, energetic guitar and haunting, unaccompanied melodies.

The Dyr Sister plays Fairytales for the Modern Gentleman. Her surreal tales are conjured up with the aid of a viola, a mandolin, her voice and bits of percussion she found. She creates beautiful, haunting and ethereal modern day folk songs as a one-woman band.

“In the often homogenous world of underground music scenes, thank goodness for Sally. The perfect blend of avant-garde, melodicism and out-thereness”. Mr Douglas Anderson – broadcaster, writer and filmmaker.

“Sally is a rare artistic gem of contemporary Folk talent!” Jon Vyner – Tidal Concerts/The Camden Underworld

“A unique vocal style that sits, somewhere between the comfort of the nursery and the magic of the forest” Michelle Dee –