Thomas Truax + Frogbelly & Symphony + Birthday Party

  • Date:2015-05-08
  • Time:20:00
  • Location:The New Adelphi Club
  • Venue:Thomas Truax + Frogbelly & Symphony + Birthday Party
  •  Pay on the door

Paul Jackson’s Birthday Party Spectacular featuring

Thomas Truax

“There’s a fine line between the unique and the insane, and it’s a line which Thomas Truax (pronounced troo-aks) straddles with his chin held high and ‘ The Hornicator ‘ firmly glued to his left ear. His collection of home made instruments look as though plucked straight from the mind of Tim Burton and are combined with loop pedals, guitars and lashings of imagination to create one of the most unusual and entertaining live shows you will ever see.”Splendid magazine calls him “one of the five or ten best singer/songwriters in the world that you’ve never heard of…an exceptional talent, unique and resistant to comparison, yet fairly accessible even to casual listeners.”

“When he performs, it is a spectacle – the originality and seeming impossibility of what he does is much of the appeal.”
The Guardian

Frogbelly & Symphony

Frogbelly and Symphony are born of the clash and fusion that characterized the late 20th century. Disparate influences from the Old World to New York are brought together in the furnaces of Sheffield and Brooklyn, revealing a stylistic repertoire that injects the indigenous workingman’s soul into the periphery of the bohemian metropolis. Academically trained in traditional instrument playing and constantly experimenting with production techniques, the band systematically processes every imaginable acoustic influence.

Coming from an experimental post-punk and noise approach on their 2013 debut the EYE (Labelship, UK), Frogbelly and Symphony are now presenting their forthcoming full-length! Blue Bright Ow Sleep was produced by Martin Bisi (Bill Laswell, Sonic Youth, Swans, Dresden Dolls) and tracked in the fabled BC studio in Brooklyn. It was thereafter mixed at the Laundry Rooms Studio in Sheffield, both steps in the analogue domain of vintage record producing. Subsequently it was also mastered for digital media. The album will be available in the U.S. on CD, vinyl and digital formats through Labelship UK on March 24th. The official record release show will be at Rough Trade NYC on April 18th as part of a national release tour.

Conceptually, Blue Bright Ow Sleep has been developed while playing 100+ shows in Europe, UK and US since they began performing in 2012. With its band members living on both sides of the pond, it has been a challenging yet inspiring journey through a surrealist world of dark & light, blue & bright, war & peace and truth & lie.