The Schoolgirls + Nervous Twitch + Men Methods + Yeti Hunter

  • Date:2015-10-11
  • Time:20:00
  • Location:The New Adelphi Club
  • Venue:The Schoolgirls + Nervous Twitch + Men Methods + Yeti Hunter
  •  £3 on the door

The Schoolgirls + Nervous Twitch + Men Methods + Yeti Hunter

Filling the The New Adelphi Club with a mixture of punk, some rockabilly rhythms, grunge, disco synth and a hit of garage pop/rock.

The Schoolgirls celebrate over a decade of playing, with their album launch at the home of local album launches, The Adelphi. In that time they have played at numerous venues around the country recorded many E.P.’s and there first album Stop Making Spence. Rockabilly/Punk/Synth based sound inspired by many acts but Black Flag, The Fall, Frank Zappa,The Stooges and The Birthday Party would be the best way to try to pigeonhole their inspiration and sound.

Nervous Twitch are a fantastic Leeds/Hull band who are best described by this quote “The band oozes confidence, style, and musical ability. They have bags of stage presence and there isn’t one below-par song in their set. Ultimately, the band are their own package altogether, but there are reflections of modern garage bands like NOBUNNY and The 5678’s, whilst they also contain elements of 60’s garage/pop bands like The Animals and The Shangri-Las. A very unique sound indeed from this super-talented four-piece.”

Men Methods are a new creation and the brainchild of Jonathan (The Schoolgirls), Gareth and Lewis (The Estuary Dwellers). Think disco beats of Devo mixed with Krafwerk inspired synths and indie punk rock.

Another fairly new act from the last year are Yeti Hunter. Having recently recorded with them and seen them live. They do have the potential to inspire a new breed of music fan within the Hull scene. They have this infectious grungy punk pop/rock thing going on and their original songs are very promising indeed, especially Hornets Nest.

Doors 8 pm. £3 otd