The Residents Association

  • Date: 25/03/2022
  • Time:2022/03/25 20:00
  • Location: 89 De Grey Street Hull HU52RU
  • Venue: The Residents AssociationThe New Adelphi Club
  •  Free Entry

The Residents Association

This Residents is always a special one as we raise a glass to Jack ‘Cosmo’ Williamson, a good friend and excellent DJ that we were fortunate enough to spend some of our time on this planet with. Our night was born from our loss and is a constant reminder that friends and music and positive energy are some of the best things in life to share and enjoy. As usual we will have a stellar selection of DJs playing quality music, lovely people filling the dancefloor and plenty of Realpropergood vibes.

We used to donate any profits from this night to a local charity but as times are tough for everyone at the moment with food, petrol, gas and electricity prices rising we thought we’d pass that charity back to you and make the night FREE ENTRY cos every little helps!

Lets have a Realpropergood night eh?!
See you on the dancefloor X