The Pub Corner Poets present Angry

  • Date:2015-02-15
  • Time:20:00
  • Location:The New Adelphi Club
  • Venue:The Pub Corner Poets present Angry
  •  £6 / £5 concs


Brainchild of Resident playright Josh Overton angry is part gig, part theatrical performance and part rallying cry for a lost generation. First written and performed in 2014 Angry was spewed forth into the world in order to extend PCP’s online and word of mouth influence from spoken word, open mic evenings and videos, to the world of dimly lit, pub centred theatre.

Seven of those angry youths that you’ve been hearing about on the news have stopped drinking and whining long enough to build something they can actually be proud of. “Are you angry? Come and watch a bunch of twenty-something’s in their pants, as they punch drums and each other to prove some sort of point they haven’t yet figured out.”

When asked to describe ANGRY director Kerala Irwin says “the phrase that floats up to the forefront of my mind most commonly is “half-naked”, both literally and metaphorically. Each character pours out half their soul, whilst hiding the rest with either badly-timed jokes, strategically placed instruments or copious amounts of foul language.”

After its first showing ANGRY gained all sorts of attention with the show being described as “vulgar and sexy” “the political and artistic statement it claimed not to be” – The Hullfire “Raw, unfettered talent in both performance and writing” – The New Diorama and “Captivating with no exceptions!” – PIT theatre company

Writer Josh Overton Describes the show as “Written partially in verse, partially in rap and partially in swear words, a play not quite like anything you’ve ever seen but quite similar to a lot of different things you may have seen.”
Come join us as we get loud, we get violent, we get furious beyond the government approved safety level. We will shout at you, we will swear at you, we will spill our unreserved rage at the world upon you…. but we expect nothing less than the same in return.

Half music gig, half political rally, ANGRY is written to inspire, to confuse, to annoy and to ask one question, “What makes you Angry?”
So we’re back, and for one night only. We hope to see you there, but be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart…

Doors 8 pm
£6 / £5 concs