The Freaks Union + System Paralysis + Run Off The Static

  • Date:2015-03-10
  • Time:20:00
  • Location:The New Adelphi Club
  • Venue:The Freaks Union + System Paralysis + Run Off The Static


Back in 1995 The Freaks Union recorded a demo tape at The Warren in Hull, they hand drew the cover art, duplicated it, and sent it out to fanzines, promoters and punks. Their ambition was to play the legendary Adelphi Club. It was here where they saw real life people become rock stars. The Adelphi made dreams come true. They played the Adelphi, this meant they had to dream further. They went on to release another demo cassette, three albums and an EP which took them around the UK countless times and into Europe playing everywhere and anywhere from toilets to academies and festivals building a huge fan base of hardcore dedicated Freaks. These fans were not ordinary. They latched onto the band, branding themselves (literally), tattooing the art onto their skin, sewing patches to their clothes, painting their leather jackets and sleeveless denims, sporting the many t-shirts. The Freaks Union worked hard and played harder bringing everyone along for the ride. We were all equal. We were all part of The Freaks Union. Now 20 years since they first played they’re back as part of a two day Freaks Reunion playing Norwich Owl Sanctuary – 9th March, and the Hull Adelphi – 10th March. 

The band will be returning to Hull after a sell out show in Norwich to go back to their roots bringing the classic line up back together after ten years. After only one band practice the guys are raring to go and extremely exited about playing at The Adelphi once again. Bass player Stew Baxter said “We can’t wait to get on stage again at The Adelphi. Paul gave us our break back in the day letting us use his venue to create a scene which exploded and went on to create some amazing bands. We owe that place a lot and can’t wait to come home.” he went on to say “Being back in a practice room with those boys was amazing. We charged through the songs like it was yesterday, yeah there will be mistakes but it’s punk, and we just wanna have some fun.” The band will also be giving support slots to up and coming local bands System Paralysis and Run Off The Static who have both released new albums this year. Lead singer Jimbo said “We really wanna give a platform to the young punk bands who are putting the work in now to push their music and rebuild the Hull punk scene. We know what its like to have no scene and how important it is to create one. Both of these bands blew me away live with their energy and sound and we are honoured to have them play with us”. 

The band will be playing The New Adelphi Club Hull on Tuesday 10th March – Tickets are £6 and will go on sale this Wednesday at and are expected to sell out quickly.