The Confessional

  • Date: 14/01/2020
  • Time:2020/01/14 20:00
  • Location: Hull
  • Venue: The ConfessionalThe New Adelphi Club
  •  £3 OTD

The Confessional is a project that blends live interactive music with spoken word and now on probably its 6th installment.
£3 OTD.

Our show invites ANY member of the audience to step into a glowing LED ring and use our microphone to share acts of talking and tell the room what is on your mind….

Historically we have facilitated all sorts including peoples first speakings in front of an audience, lists of annoying things, development of new spoken word and poetry, blistering social commentaries and actual confessions, often to great comedic effect.

We have not yet had someone in reading their shopping list, or giving a short speech evaluating the ingredients on the back of a commonly used household product. We sometimes think of themes.

Electronic soundscapes provided on an improvised basis by Salbo Baggins (The Dyr Sister) and Phill Wilson (Myonemanband).

We have a group where you can keep updated more closely should you think this is a smashing idea and want to join in by either provoking a theme, documenting the events or just watching silently from your corner of the internet…


The Confessional – Vol 1