The Cesarians + The Dyr Sister + Matthew Hedley Stoppard

  • Date:2015-06-12
  • Time:20:00
  • Location:the New Adelphi CLub
  • Venue:The Cesarians + The Dyr Sister + Matthew Hedley Stoppard
  •  Pay on the door

AWAYKE is incredibly proud to present The Surrealists Ball. We are not modest about them they are all stunning.

“The Cesarians are not a pop band. They could never have been manufactured, manipulated or otherwise pre-masticated for public consumption. The Cesarians do not trade in the trite or the mundane. The Cesarians know and love music, what makes it as important as breathing, an understanding that runs deep within their bones. Their songs speak of love, loss, redemption, terror and absurdity.

The Cesarians think big, think shocking: like Ken Russell directing a Lee Bowery ballet in a Bauhaus- constructed set to a score composed by Mahler and performed by The Residents – no restraints, no compromise, no need to be like everybody else.

The Cesarians are a magnificent triumph of the electric eclectic, a bunch of renegades who live on the river, tapping the source of LONDON’S eternal energy.

Everything is to be relished within The Cesarians’ epic soundtracks, every abrupt change of chord, every tremor of brass, every violin skirmish and keyboard swell, every last tender obscenity that drops from their lips. Gigantic.


THE DYR SISTER is Sally Currie, a 29 year old classically trained multi-instrumentalist from the City of Hull. She is magnificent and brilliantly unique.
“In the often homogenous world of underground music scenes, thank goodness for The Dyr Sister. The perfect blend of avant-garde, melodicism and out-thereness”.

Mr Douglas Anderson – broadcaster, writer and filmmaker.
With viola, a mandolin, her unusual voice and anything percussive that makes a really good beat she uses a loop pedal to create beautiful, haunting and ethereal modern day folk songs as a one-woman band. A variety of influences are heard from folk to jungle and dubstep.

The Dyr Sister releases her brand new ALBUM “Fairytales for the Modern Gentleman” on the 12th JUNE 2015AD with stories of flying raccoons, devils drawing with crayons, and being taught to dance by a Mexican lady called Gloria.

“The Dyr Sister is a rare artistic gem of contemporary folk talent!”
Jon Vyner – Tidal Concerts/The Camden Underworld


MATTHEW HEDLEY STOPPARD was born in Derbyshire in 1985. He is a poet and we are so glad to have him perform this evening.
Recordings of Matthew’s poetry include Insect Eucharist
and Other Poems (2012) and the spoken-word album Runt Country (2014), both available from Adult Teeth Recordings.

On the page, his poetry has appeared in Magma, Iota, Cake, The Morning Star, A Complicated Way of Being Ignored (Grist, 2012) and Holding Your Hand Through Hard Times (Osset Originals, 2014).

His debut collection of poetry, A Family Behind Glass was included in The Guardian’s Readers’ Books of the Year.

> More than circumstance in common

Shivering infant in the swimming baths
we’ll have you home before long,
back to your nursery with circus wallpaper,
muffled in cellular wool.

Like a miniature Houdini, you wriggle free
of any burden on your shoulders –
unlike the nearly-man holding you afloat
in the shallow end.

Once you’re reared, these mollycoddled mornings,
soothed and swaddled in honesty,
will be forgotten, but there’s a double helix
that twists in both our blood;

standing up for bastards.
Midlands sinew will grip
the hands you shake, the thighs you clasp
in the bunker of adulthood.

Towelled together I feel
your delicate unfettered breath on my neck
like gale force wind through a keyhole,
an uncertain murmur, not quite a gurgle,
but the first mouthing fumble for father.