The Buffalo Skinners + The Quicksilver Kings

  • Date: 14/12/2016
  • Time:20:00
  • Location: The New Adelphi Club
  • Venue: The Buffalo Skinners + The Quicksilver Kings
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Screaming Tarts presents
The Buffalo Skinners + support

The Buffolo Skinners draw influence from 60’s Rock & Roll, Folk, Blues, Soul and whatever else happens to have made it’s way into their big red van recently.

They are Kieran Thorpe (Fender Rhodes), James Nicholls (Violin), Peter Seccombe (Guitar), Miles Stapleton (Drums) and Robbie Thompson (Bass). Four of them; Robbie, Peter, James & Kieran contribute songs. The different songwriting styles keep both the music and the listener on their toes, while the instrumentation and prominent use of vocal harmonies keep the sound of the songs fairly cohesive.

The Buffalo Skinners is a labour of love. Over the past six years the boys have shared highs and lows both on and away from the stage. From busking in sub-zero temperatures on a street corner in York, knowing that debts are stacking up whilst CD sales just aren’t, to sharing a meeting and a sandwich with The Game (yep), and Steve Berman at Universal Records in Los Angeles. The lows however, are just not worth it if your heart isn’t in it.
The empty pockets, empty fridges and empty pension schemes might make for great songs (I’m looking at you Jackson Browne), but in reality, those times are tough! There has to be something deeply positive, fun and
worthwhile at the very core of what you’re doing if it’s going to survive the winter.

For The Buffalo Skinners, there is, and it’s utterly visible at the live shows. Having four frontmen has resulted in there being no room on stage for ego or pretence, making the performances good fun, sincere and
engaging. The lads have made endless festival appearances in the UK (Wilderness, Radio 2 BBC Hyde Park, Boomtown, Glastonbury, Kendal Calling,
Tramlines, Camp Bestival, Deer Shed…) toured all over France, had a brief spell in the USA and have now found themselves sharing a small terraced house on the back of a Fish and Chip shop in Sheffield. They have also
found themselves in the very capable hands of the Mercury Music prize nominated producer Colin Elliot, who has both featured on and produced the band’s third album, ‘Cease Your Dreaming.’

Cease Your Dreaming is The Buffalo Skinners most accomplished record to date, being made up of 13 songs concerning love, death, work, travel, religion, and countless other irksome obligations. It also introduces two
new members. This will be Kieran Thorpe and Miles Stapleton’s debut recording with the band, both having only been in the group 7 months prior to entering Yellow Arch Studios.

Cease Your Dreaming’ is a record of many shades. It is an eclectic album in style, yet manages to maintain the distinctive aesthetic that Colin and the boys have created. The album belongs to anyone that’s ever had a broken heart or a hole in their shoe, to anyone that’s ever pulled a pint or found themselves with an empty glass. To anyone that’s ever waved goodbye to a first love, or a lousy job, took a spoonful of sugar in their tea, or a train to the south. To anyone that’s ever laid a bet, only to lose, got the blues, then lost them. To anyone that ever buried the bad times in roses, and knew that it was time to go. To anyone that was told, to ‘Cease Their
Dreaming’ and didn’t. This record belongs to you.

with support from The Quicksilver Kings
Doors 8.00pm

£6 Advance from Hull Box Office