The Adelphi salutes Bowie

  • Date:2016-04-09
  • Time:20:00
  • Location:The New Adelphi Club
  • Venue:Up The Hull Backwards The Adelphi salutes Bowie!
  •  £3 OTD

Hull Adelphi salutes David Bowie!

A host of Adelphi regulars pay and play tribute to one of the most dazzlingly influential musicians of our time. No one song will be played twice! Some of Hull’s finest acts will doff their caps to a bonafide musical legend. Up the Hull backwards The Adelphi salutes Bowie.
The Holy Orders, Foolish Atoms, The Evil Litter, The Schoolgirls, My Pleasure, Myonemanband, The Solitary Cadet, The Estuary Dwellers & more.
Doors 8 pm
£3 otd



On Saturday the 9th of April a fine selection of Adelphians including: Foolish atoms; The Evil litter; The Solitary Cadet; My pleasure; Myonemanband; The Schoolgirls and more TBC will play short sets of David Bowie tracks with no song played twice. Some of Hull’s finest acts (and The Schoolgirls) will doth their caps to a bonafide musical legend.

David Bowie has been the single biggest influence on my love of music, art and pretty much any aspect of culture you can think of. A bold statement yes but the more I thinkt about it the more i see that this is the case. Me Mam got ‘Sound and vision: The best of David Bowie’ on video for Christmas 1991. I watched it repeatedly. She also had a copy of Hunky dory. I listened to it repeatedly. I started buying second hand Bowie LPs from Sheridan’s and Normans place and listened to them repeatedly. On a couple of live Bowie albums there were versions of White light white heat and waiting for the man. I loved them. I wanted to know who Lou Reed and The Velvet underground were. I listened to them repeatedly, loved them and became obsessed with them. In a bowie book i saw that he had something to do with a strange mister called Iggy Pop. I was intrigued, listened to him repeatedly and became obsessed (Funtime by Pop/Bowie was the first full song i ever played on the guitar). Bowie made reference to Kraftwerk, i investigated, listened to them repeatedly and so it goes.
My love of Syd Barrett, Jaques Brel, Scott Walker, Brit pop, Bob Dylan,Talking heads, Devo, The Associates, Nirvana, Krautrock, Jonathan Richman, Synth pop, post punk, George Orwell, Modern art, long hair, flaired trousers and 70s shirts are all as a direct result of my Bowie obsession to name but a small selection.
My debt to Bowie is pretty obvious but i can safely say that anyone who likes any leftfield alternative music owes Bowie a nod. If only for the fact that he saved the careers of Iggy Pop and Lou Reed.

See you on the 9th of April

Jonathan x


Wham bam thank you ma’am – Bowie is back.

On Saturday, a fine selection of Adelphians consisting of Foolish Atoms, The Evil Litter, The Holy Orders, The Solitary Cadet, My Pleasure, Myonemanband, The Schoolgirls and The Estuary Dwellers will play short sets of David Bowie tracks as a tribute to the late, great artist. Read more: