PerKelt + Copper Viper + Support

  • Date: 16/03/2019
  • Time:20:00
  • Location: The New Adelphi Club
  • Venue: PerKelt "Above Trees" Tour
  •  £7 Adv ⏎


Thank you so much for coming to the festivals, visiting our website, ordering our music, listening and supporting us all the way. Now PerKelt is coming to YOU! 🙂

Well, if you live in or nearby one of our planned ABOVE TREES tour destinations! Please, head to our website or to the list of our fb events to see the closest one (we are still trying to arrange couple more that will be hopefully added very soon), bring your friends. Your family. Your most pagan outfit… and come to dance, drink and laugh with us all way long… 🙂


Winners of the ‘Best Live Act in the UK’ Exposure Music Awards 2014 and finalists of the ‘Best Live Act International’ Bastaard Fantasy Awards 2017 in Holland.
PerKelt draw inspiration from pagan spirituality, ancient folklore melodies and poetry, and their inner urge to play fast, dance and to have as much fun on the stage as their audience in front. Merging the sound of flutes, fiddles, tribal drums, guitars, harp and haunting vocals; stirring in the pagan poetry, enchanting atmosphere, genuine spontaneity and absolute passion for their music; they bring in the genre of their own, best described as “pagan speed folk”.

* Our support for the whole tour is Copper Viper:

Copper Viper is an acoustic folk duo from London, comprised of prolific songwriter and guitarist Robin Joel Sangster and fiddle/mandolin player Duncan Menzies. Drawing inspiration from the British folk and American country/bluegrass traditions, Copper Viper’s music marries haunting melodies and intricate vocal harmonies with searing instrumental passages to create a stylistic blend that is at once familiar and unique.

* Our special guest in Hull: Jay Fraser and Crooked Weather!

Advance tickets £7