Ohmns + Stuka + Modern Mood Swings

  • Date: 10/01/2020
  • Time:2020/01/10 20:00
  • Location: Hull
  • Venue: Ohmns + Stuka + Modern Mood SwingsThe New Adelphi Club
  •  £3 OTD

Ohmns + Stuka + Modern Mood Swings

Lurking in the gloomiest realms, places where even the best photographers haven’t even been able to catch their full glory, Ohmns have become Liverpool’s best-kept secret, cultivating a devoted following. Within a relatively short period of time, the quartet have become cult heroes with a ferocious tenacity on stage twinned with a fierce blend of fuzzed-up, distortion-driven anarchic rock.

Chaos seems to follow them. It sniffs them out like a blood hound. And they’re all the more entertaining for it. Over the past few years they have forged their reputation through this chaos. Through their explosive, raucous and at times completely unhinged live performances. There can’t be many bands who can compete with Ohmns in terms of the energy they put into their gigs. Ohmns are probably Liverpool’s most entertaining live band: a band who keep an audience on their toes, whether that be dodging flying microphones or trying to fight off tinnitus with ear drum-trembling decibel levels.

Along with the likes of other Liverpool favourites Strange Collective, Bad Meds, Sheer Attack, and most recently, Queen Zee and the Sasstones, Ohmns have helped form part of a feral but fertile mini-scene of kraut-infused garage punk

£3 on the door
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