MARX + Cameo & Kali Taylor

  • Date: 06/06/2017
  • Time:20:00
  • Location: The New Adelphi Club
  • Venue: MARX + Cameo & Kali Taylor
  •  £4 Adv

Ardent Music Promotions presents

Marx w/ Cameo Brooks & Kali Taylor

£4 ADV (Tickets available from hosts or bands) – £6 OTD


Marx is a Hull/Manchester based hip-hop artist, and the former frontman of City of Stone & Headless Hangman.
Since 2013, Marx has been playing gigs around the country, performing in the heavy metal and punk rock scenes. In both bands, Marx made no secret of his hip-hop influence, making use of rapping in both, and has now flipped it around, putting his punk and metal influences towards rap tracks. In his short time as a hip-hop artist, Marx has already rapped alongside legends such as Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One and shared the stage with the likes of Merkules, Shotty Horroh, MC Devvo, Sumo Cyco, Al the Native (Jordan Stephens of Rizzle Kicks) and Beans on Toast, as well as many others. Website – http://www.marx01482.online

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Cameo Brooks

‘Cameo Brooks comes from Hull, UK City Of Culture 2017, New to the rap scene but taking influences from the pioneers of positive and intellectual wordplay.
Cameo’s roots are firmly in the ground. Taking inspiration from whats around him, the clutter, the chaos, the confusion of a world that seems to have no hope for a millennial mind.. but somehow seeing past the materialistic and fighting for a better world.

and opening

Kali Taylor

Hull based rapper with tight lyrics and a presence on stage that captivates audiences.
Kali Taylor has being growing his sound, with each night he performs showcasing a new part of his arsenal with new songs, sounds and styles ready to blow away audiences both new and old