KIEFF (NL) // Baby Tooth // Pasta Hull // BULL

  • Date: 08/01/2019
  • Time:20:00
  • Location: The New Adelphi Club
  • Venue: KIEFF (NL) // Baby Tooth // Pasta Hull // BULL
  •  £5 OTD

This Networking event will be held at The New Adelphi Club on TUESDAY the 8th of January.
Tuesday you say? Don’t worry, The Polar Bear is under refurb so there is NO CLASH with Hull’s beloved weekly sesh. Spagoo!

Four great bands, £5 @ The New Adelphi Club


Kieff are taking their debut tour of the UK, playing in York, Hull, Leeds, Manchester, London and Newcastle. They play intelligent, intense, psychedelic, post punk, mind melting great music and you will LOVE them. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPGzWF_WdVo

Baby Tooth

BABY TOOTH are making a triumphant return to their place of birth – examples of the GREAT PEOPLE the city of HULL does seem to produce! Playing regularly again in Manchester, we are looking forward to hearing their guitars scratch through our BRAIYNES – BIG BASS – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDUIE5ssQWo

Pasta Hull

Pasta Hull are a band from Caernarfon, North Wales. They make Splug rock in Welsh with a large psychedelic band. They will jam you into a FRENZY.


Bull will KICK IT OFF and get you all feeling fine. Fresh from tours of the USA and more recently the Netherlands this December, they will FUCK YOU UP

Come and support young touring musicians, like you always do, HULL!