HENGE + Support

  • Date: 18/11/2020
  • Time:2020/11/18 20:00
  • Location: Hull
  • Venue: HENGE + SupportThe New Adelphi Club
  •  Postponed

Glastonbury Festival favourites… the amazing

HENGE + Support
Tentatively re-scheduled for November

Henge : Glastonbury Live Review ‘cosmic rock band deliver definitive Glastonbury show’


This is Henge.

We come in the name of RAVE.

We bring you the gift of COSMIC DROSS – A kind of music new to your world.

We have news. Planet Earth is an experiment.

Your species was sent codes from SPACE, to help you LOVE and DANCE.

But your leaders grew scared. They hid the codes from you.

Now your CONSCIOUSNESS SHRINKS and they DESTROY your world with weapons of WAR.


Absorb the mutated frequencies of Cosmic Dross.

There are no earth words to describe these sounds, but you will learn how to LOVE and DANCE again!


The band members

The following has been written in Agriculan, (Zpor’s native tongue).

However… It has been heard that some Humans have been able to translate the ancient and far travelled text into a language of their own understanding.


.HTRAE ot cp fo gssm grb wn dlc hw ,EGNEH gnitlpmc ,KORG sa nwonk nmh drgfsnrt tnmm sht mrF .rsshtnys no ytlba lbdrcni gnkclnu ,drgfnsrt sw nmH  .yttndi remrf sh dhs hw ,TNEK ot mslp cldhcysp drtsnmda MON retfa yltrhS .DNALGNE FO HTRON ni lcrc nts ni ,strhta yb dtctdnu ,ylfs ddnl ENO MOORHSUM

.ntcntx ssm rhtna ty tnvrp plh ot tsv ot dwv yht dna HTRAE no ntts fo slrtsrrt-rtx dlt TNEK .cnrt dcdni-mslp ni rw hw MON dna ROPZ gntm ,nlp lrtsa dsscca dna dlrw mrd dtgvn h cnO .)snmhs fo tsl fo tndcsd tcrd sw eh scb sw ti wnk tn dd h( rmrd dcl tncfrp sw NAMXAP TNEK

.HTRAE mrf rbmm EGNEH ylno si )NAMXAP TNEK een( KORG


.EGNEH ot ntdda tcfrp mh gnkm ,scnqrf ssb gntlm-cf fo rtsm sw OOG drpsnrt tI .ESPYLACOPA NAISUNEV TAERG EHT tnvrp plh ot tl t rw yht tb SUNEV mrf OOG dcsr ENO MOORHSUM fo wrc dna ROPZ

.cntsx rht vrsrp ot syw wn rf kl ot slp sh drngi yhT .rw rf ttpa yb dllf ,ntpmsnc dna ntcdrp gnscnu rht fo stcffe tba strhta dnrw yldtpr dh ,SUNEV no tstncs tmlc ,OOG

.tnve ntcntx ssm chprtstc ni to dpw sw NAISUNEV no tb llA .cps tni dtrpve dna dlb rtw lla tht th s gnmcb rhpsmta ,tnlp rht dtllp yht tB .rht dvrht SNAISUNEV tnm SUNEV no etmlc ga sry fo snll

.NAISUNEV gnvvrs tsl si OOG


.cp ot rw mrf ntsnrt rht ni ltv sw tht mrf lcsm NALUCIRGA tcna – SSORD CIMSOC fo tfg mht htw gngrb HTRAE ot dnrtr vh EGNEH dna ROPZ ,yrtsh rht ni tnp lctrc ta snmh gnnrl npU

.mht dmsnc hw stmrp gnma ecglltni hgh tlmts t cps mrf srps mrhsm tns H .snmh fo ntlve t gndl ,HTRAE t rtw thgrb h stmrpx SROPZ fo trp sA .cps ni snlc lfcp pu ts dna rw dsa tsc yht ntcntx ssm htw dntnrht nhw tb snmh kl SNALUCIRGA .7 TFIHSDER SOMSOC ni RALUCIRGA tnlp mrf rtnmrpx ybbh dna rrtnvda ROPZ


.sscrp ntrgfsnrt ni tndrgni yk – amslp drcs fo rpk sla H .ROPZ t rsvda tntrpmi mcb sh dna sw yrv MON .dtctdnu gnpcse ,ENO MOORHSUM ,phscps S’ROPZ drba ywa dwts MON ,lbtsnu AIHTNALYX no ntts lctlp htW

.mrftra fo nttm gntcx dm SSORD CIMSOC NALUCIRGA tiw dnbmc MON fo smhthr sbhpma ,rhtgt csm dm yhT .crt lcsm pd tni llf yhT .amslp cildhcysp OMMON drcs drhs yhT .tnlp t tsv no MON tm ROPZ

.METSYS RATS SUIRIS ni AITNALYX tnlp tbhni hw OMMON scps fo si MON


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