Frogbelly and Symphony

  • Date:2015-04-09
  • Time:20:00
  • Location:The New Adelphi Club
  • Venue:Frogbelly and Symphony
  •  Pay on the door

Frogbelly and Symphony
We are born of the clash and fusion that characterised the late 20th century. Disparate influences from the Old World to New York are brought together in the furnaces of Sheffield and Brooklyn. Our stylistic repertoire injects the indigenous workingman’s soul into the periphery of the bohemian metropolis. Academically trained in traditional instrument playing and constantly experimenting with production techniques, we systematically process every imaginable acoustic influence.

Coming from an experimental post-punk and noise approach on our first record, we have now put the material for our first full length album together.
We believe that song arrangements, the recording of the instruments and the environment in a technical and cultural sense are bound together.

“A progressive rock sound echoes in folk landscapes. Urban poetry, pop melodies and repetitive chants cast a rousing wave of contemporary performance”

As FROGBELLY AND SYMPHONY, we have played 100+ shows in Europe, UK and US. Our set usually features a theatrical rock show, often involving the audience in pieces of improvised performance.
Paying tribute to our roots in folk music we also love a good session with acoustic instruments in pubs, living rooms and similar.

In summer 2013 we released an EP entitled the EYE through Labelship Records, UK. You can purchase it here.

We’re currently preparing to tour the US, UK and IRL with our new material throughout the first half of 2015.
Our forthcoming album will be out this spring!

Against all odds, we have been maintaining this project internationally, right from the start. We have been creatively inspired by having our roots in the UK, USA, Ireland and Germany.

The band has become a canvas of its members’ collective experiences and intellectual exchange. Often our ideas have previously been articulated by great writers throughout the ages. Frogbelly and Symphony idiosyncratically appropriates, shares and recreates words and tunes. We aren’t afraid to quote what has already been said perfectly. Just recently John Clare’s An Invite to Eternity and Rumi’s Ache and Confusion have left their imprints on our works, as well as Joseph Heller’s Catch 22 and Langston Hughes’ Vari-Colored Songs.

“Nowadays we’re blessed with the possibility to take the inspirational tint from centuries of musical and lyrical repertoires. You may describe our work as a subjective look on an inexhaustible miracle.”

And one from Frogbelly and Symphony, who will be hitting Hull on Thursday 9th