Feudfest II – 8 Bands

  • Date: 22/06/2024
  • Time:2024/06/22 14:00
  • Location: 89 De Grey Street Hull HU5 2RU
  • Venue: Feudfest IIThe New Adelphi Club
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Forever Underdogs & The New Adelphi Club present
A day of independent bands from Hull and the UK
£8 Advance
We are thrilled to announce the second FEUDFEST showcase, following the raging success of the first one back in March!
FEUDFEST 2: Eclectic Schmoo-galoo will once again feature some of the best talent on the Forever Underdogs roster, alongside a selection of our favourite acts from across the UK. Many of these bands have recent or upcoming releases on the Forever Underdogs label, which is currently blossoming into a hub of alternative creative endeavours. Join us as we celebrate the spirit of independence in live music and host some of our favourite artists in the legendary Adelphi Club.
Hailing from the depths of Hull, The Black Ravines combine the energy and aura of garage rock’n’roll with a dark post-punk edge. The band’s raucous display and powerful performance promises to create an unforgettable atmosphere. Off the strength of their singles “Johnny The Ghost” and “Creeper”, The Black Ravines have landed top gigs from local promoters, and a slot on the Alternative Main Stage at Humber Street Sesh.
A.D.H.D. (All Demons Have Disciples)
Heavy, haunting, and utterly intense, ADHD are a force of nature. With songs inspired by lack of sleep, social media addiction and general animosity, their live set has become an oasis for the disillusioned. The sheer power in ADHD’s music has delivered fans the strength to overcome everyday struggles, with fan favourites “Bitter Pill” and (upcoming single) “Piece By Piece” seeing releases on the Forever Underdogs label.
The latest addition to the F*U roster, this noisy four-piece have been making waves with some chaotic shows in their hometown of Manchester. And from the sound of their recent singles, “Hide And Seek” and “Rich Kids”, we can definitely see why. Self-confessed “silly punk vocalist” Jess Jones leads the troupe to Hull for the fist time, but her ties to the city make this homecoming a pretty special event. Not to be missed!
Doomy, droney, and as LOUD as it gets. Bug Facer have gone from strength to strength in their first few years, from early jams at the legendary Adelphi open mic night, to the release of their debut EP “Triple Death” via Warren Records. Latest single “Fiery Demon Attacks Old Man On Bridge” is the perfect showcase of what to expect.
Hardcore punk “to make ladies cream and noses bleed”. Hailing from Leeds, their frantic live set on their first Adelphi visit was memorable indeed, and we can’t wait for their return. Relentless and opinionated, UTI are injecting modern hardcore with some desperately needed fun!
We’re thrilled to have this energetic trio play their first Forever Underdogs show! Their riot grrrl attitude is worn proudly on their sleeves, and despite being a very new band, they have the tunes to match. Come and see why they’ve earned some well-deserved hype!