Easy Skankin presents The Ship-Tones

  • Date:2014-09-30
  • Time:20:00
  • Location:The New Adelphi Club
  • Venue:Easy Skankin presents The Ship-Tones
  •  £6 OTD

Buy tickets from the orange ticket box in The Adelphi Car Park 6.00pm – 9.00pm weekdays.

Easy Skankin presents The Ship-Tones 

Tickets are £6 and can be bought from the Ticket Box, located at The New Adelphi Club, De Grey Street every night (6pm-9pm) from Tuesday 23 September – Friday 26th September.

“It’s amazing to hear The Ship-Tones do what could have and should have been to begin with.”
Justin, The Vaccines

“My favourite remix of any of our tunes.”
Peanut, Kaiser Chiefs

“The Ship-Tones are the real deal…the versions they have done of our tracks sound awesome.”
Gary Jarman, The Cribs

“Totally a delight to hear what was done to my track.”
Jeffrey Lewis

“Vibrance, energy, stage presence… and fun. They have dynamics in every track, and just add a whole new dimension to music in my eyes.”
Neil Short, Yorkshire Evening Post

The Ship-Tones indie reggae infusion revolution is on its way to Hull… a 10-piece live band featuring recorded vocals and video projections from:

> Justin Hayward-Young (The Vaccines)
> Ricky Wilson (The Kaiser Chiefs)
> Gary & Ryan Jarman (The Cribs)
> Stephen Holt & Clint Boon (The Inspiral Carpets)
> Jeffrey Lewis
> Stephen Malkmus (Pavement, Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks)
> Edwyn Collins

“For the live performance, clearly you can’t have all these guest vocalists around at every show, not even your first one, so they had to rely on backing tracks for their performance – for the guest vocals, that is.

The rest of it is totally live and in your face. I’ve been to the 360 Club plenty of times before, and seen crowds reactions to bands – cheering, clapping, but I don’t ever think I have seen the majority of the crowd dancing along to each song, just getting their heads in to that zone, and that was all down to the musicians on stage.

Vibrancy, energy, stage presence (hard not to have presence with that many folks on the stage at one time), and fun. They have dynamics in every track, and just add a whole new dimension to music in my eyes”

The Ship-Tones are bringing the Indie/reggae revolution to the people. Blending two genres that rarely get put together, The Ship-Tones aim to bring down these barriers as they perform hits by established indie rock acts and blend the original album vocal tracks with a whole new feel.

Now’s your chance to hear the likes of Edwyn Collins, Stephen Malkmus, Ricky Wilson, Justin Hayward-Young and Gary and Ryan Jarman as you’ve never heard them before, hear their well known voices mixed in with The Ship-Tones own special blend of reggae. The Ship-Tones approach to remixing lies firmly in the live band ethos and they work hard to merge the original vocal tracks from each song with a fresh backing track full of both indie rock and reggae sensibilities.

The Ship-Tones live show is a 10 piece band with unique video projections of each singer used behind the band while they play. Featuring an array of established Leeds talent with musicians from acts such as Submotion Orchestra, Mojah, Dread Supreme, Finley Quaye and a whole host of other bands, alongside the recorded vocals of Indie notability. All of the artists love the final mixes, with some saying it’s the best remix they have heard of one of their tracks.