Fonda 500 + Streaming Lights

  • Date:2014-10-04
  • Time:20:00
  • Location:The New Adelphi Club
  • Venue:Fonda 500 + Streaming Lights

This is very rare opportunity to witness Hull’s favourites, the fantastic Fonda 500 performing a unique set of ‘thirty songs for thirty years’. Expect a few surprises including the auctioning of Simon’s famous hat, yes this hat (pictured on the left courtesy of Ami Barwell, which isn’t a surprise now because we’ve just told you. Don’t miss out!! Fonda fans, Adelphi fans, come and celebrate with us. If you want to grab yourself a ticket they’re £6 and we only have a few remaining.

“This is a breath of fresh air, Fonda 500 have nothing if not completely liberated imaginations and slightly unstable minds”.  Artrocker Magazine

“Hull’s favourite cosmic rock jesters return with a huge chugging bastard of a tune, welded together from prog-pop symphonies, falsetto ballads, punktronic garage jams and oodles of lo-fi one-liners: “Just got back from outer space” coos Simon Stone as ‘Super Chimpanzee’ morphs around him like an entire Mansun album being played at high speed by Super Furry Animals. Backwards. More punkadelic japes abound in wig-out instrumental ‘Roller Disco’, then the Fonda go all alt country and proper songwritery in downbeat strummer ‘Gemini’. Plenty to enjoy.” Stephen Dalton NME

“It’s hard to take a man seriously when he’s wearing a pair of fluffy, maroon rabbit ears on his head. It’s even more difficult when he insists on giving out chocolate biscuits to the first three rows at random intervals. But take him seriously you will. And God forbid, you may even grow to love him.

That man is Simon Stone, the band are Fonda 500, and the music they produce is as fluffy as their rabbit ears. Being the latest in line to be ‘honoured’ with a showcase at ex-Creation Records boss Alan McGee’s new Poptones club night, the beautiful people are out in force and seem (rightly) perplexed by the intensity and bewildering nature of the Fonda live show.

At times they’re like a primitive Super Furry Animals, at others they have an acoustic elegy not seen this side of a Vic Chestnut gig. And they top it off with an acute sense of humour. ‘Super Chimpanzee’ features harmonies to make the Beach Boy envious, while ‘Snowball’ is pretty, organ-based pop with added bubbles.

With their inventiveness it’s almost inevitable that Fonda 500 are taking the piss, but they do it so well you might as well go along for the ride. Cute, funny and with catchy songs about robots dancing, what more could you want?” NME

Simon says

Message begins>>>>>>>>> ….input code 01101984, we hear the sound of heavy automatique pulsar locks opening….we are aboard the E.Y.S.S (The East Yorkshire Space Station)…..holding an orbit of 500 clicks above the Humber Estuary….the ships life support computer CAS.10 has been supporting the lives of the band called fonda500 for some time now….each member of this unit has known this day would come…an awakening….a KA_KAAAA… the date is Saturday October the 4th….the place is the New Hull Adelphi….the reason is clear……..they have been tasked with turning each of the years since Captain Jackson took the reigns of the club into a song….can they do it……you must attend to find out”

Message ends>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Streaming Lights

Streaming Lights are a three-piece electro indie dance band formed 4 years ago in Hull, consisting of Steven Minns, Guitar and Vocals, Ryan Gibbins, Bass and Vocals and Chris Flynn on drums and vocals.  Constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible from Guitar, Bass, Drums and as many effects pedals as they can get their hands on!

Steve Minns, Guitar and Vocals, says:
“We are extremely grateful about being provided with this opportunity to play alongside a band that we genuinely respect and love so much. We have been massive fans of Fonda 500 for many years now, and as they have been such an inspiration to our music it is particularly special to us. We would like to thank everyone involved, as this will really help us to increase our profile locally”.

As well as performing regularly across the country, the band have recently released their debut album ‘Kick’. This will is a combination of tracks from their past 4 EP’s as well as some new, previously unreleased songs. The album also includes the single ‘Do The Math’ released in conjunction with an international eBay advertising campaign. This also resulted in the track being the most played video on YouTube for a number of days and hitting almost 100,000 views.