DUDS (Castleface Records)

  • Date: 04/11/2018
  • Time:20:00
  • Location: The New Adelphi Club
  • Venue: DUDS (Castleface Records)
  •  £8 Adv ⏎

We at Bleakhaus are delighted to announce our latest offering to the fine people of Hull.
We are delighted to bring one of the best live bands we have ever seen, to the good people of Hull this November.
DUDS come to tear down

On 4th November we welcome Castle Face Records’ DUDS to The New Adelphi Club. –

Tickets: https://www.hullboxoffice.com/events/duds

This band are something you probably won’t have seen anything quite like before. The Manchester 6-piece are an angular, brass infused, twisted post-punk outfit with a hankering for chaotic, bizarre, yet succinct live shows.

If John Dwyer likes them, who the f are we to disagree?

The latest release from D.U.D.S. is a deepening of the sinister sonic territory they have been exploring, in various forms, since they formed. Bass lines and percussion lope through the undergrowth while jagged guitars pierce the ears. Then there’s the brass section, which works less as a means of driving home a song’s point, than as a warning that whatever comes next is unlikely to be anything you expect. Lyrics are still somewhat hard to make out, emerging from the rhythmic chaos at intervals, as though you were listening to the recording of an Old Testament prophet, preaching from the ruins of the twenty first century. I don’t know what kind of band D.U.D.S. are supposed to be. There are labels you could apply to them, terms like ‘wave’ and ‘punk’ with various prefixes designed to qualify the fact that they don’t really sound like anyone else. Immediate makes that fact all the more obvious and all the more compelling.

“Immediate” our second LP is released today through Redwig (DE), Opal Tapes (UK), Et Mon Cul C’est Du Tofu (FR) and selected record shops.