Dog of Man + Foolish Atoms + support

  • Date: 19/09/2019
  • Time:2019/09/05 17:04
  • Venue: Dog of Man + Foolish Atoms + supportThe New Adelphi Club
  •  £5 OTD

Dog of Man emerged, blinking, from a basement in Brighton with a demented collection of songs bursting with wild riffs, wry humour and improbable choruses. The weirdest rock music you’ll ever dance to, this is the sound of distorted accordion, erratic guitar licks, melodic bass and frenetic drumming. It’s noisy, it’s fun, inventive and immediate – breakcore beats, folky interludes and gypsy stompers to get a party going. Fresh from headlining a European tour, their debut album ‘Dogmatic Manual’ has just been released.

£5 on the door. £4 members. Doors 8.00pm

“For fans of Pixies and Cardiacs – Dog of Man flitter between piercing melodies and refrained verses that have us harking back to the golden eras of grunge, albeit with a modern twist; a psychedelic blanket laid over garage-rock rebelliousness.” Hiddenherd.com


Foolish Atoms
“The new album has me running around the local American Girl store screaming like I was seeing The Beatles at Shea Stadium” SYFFAL

“Stick with this epic Piss!” bodyspace.net

“Impassioned and wrought with emotion… Foolish Atoms is the culmination of many years hidden away in the attic honing their craft.” gigwise.com