Demob Happy + Felony + Breeze

  • Date:2014-10-07
  • Time:20:00
  • Location:The New Adelphi Club
  • Venue:Demob Happy + Felony + Breeze
  •  £5 OTD

Bombed Buildings + Under The Influence present Demob Happy + Felony + Breeze

Demob Happy are Brighton’s finest new purveyors of impulsive, off-kilter, garage rock. Following their NME approved new track ‘Suffer You’, the four-piece are out on a full UK tour for October 2014.


Demob Happy constantly push themselves outside of their genre to create a spontaneous clatter of fresh and exciting sounds, as evidenced in their new track ‘Suffer You’, streaming now on SoundCloud –


The Newcastle born quartet’s general outlook is all long hair and effortlessness. Though their music may take in elements of great guitar sounds from the past – from 60s psychedelia and MC5-style chaos, through to 90s grunge and stoner-rock, Demob Happy don’t care what year it is.


The band’s name derives from ‘demobilisation happy’, or the sense of overjoy felt when you leave behind something you were sick of doing. Declaring themselves devoid of institution straight from the off, Demob Happy defined Brighton’s The Great Escape festival before they were even asked to play it, playing gigs all over town straight out the back of their van.