Chewy She’s Moth Popera

  • Date: 24/05/2023
  • Time:2023/05/24 20:00
  • Location: 89 De Grey Street Hull HU5 2RU
  • Venue: Chewy She's Moth PoperaThe New Adelphi Club
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Chewy She’s Moth Popera
Wednesday 24th May
The New Adelphi Club
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Trash-electric-disco outfit CHEWY SHE just released their Debut EP “ Run after boyz”.

The wonky carnival that is CHEWY SHE could only have been dreamed up by French singer and accordionist Garance Louis, who has collaborated with  Andy Ramsay (Stereolab), Eddie Stevens (Roisin Murphy), and the analog wizard Capitol K. 

Their Debut EP “ Run after boyz” is an expression of freedom, sex positivity,  spirituality, and feminism. CHEWY speaks out loud for all the womxn and men of today who follow their own desires, f*ck the patriarchy, and build their own ecstasy. 

A Lynchian utopia, which radiates innocence despite its absurdist critiques of the modern world.

This spirit is best expressed at their live shows, which feature exuberant costumes, supreme musicianship, and the initiation of all present into the darkly ironical, theatrical, and immersive universe of CHEWY SHE. 

CHEWY SHE is just back from an extended UK tour supporting the band  HENGE. And they received the National Art council project grant funding to develop a multi-disciplinary immersive show launch on the 31st of March 2023.

The band’s formation began auspiciously, with a premonition, as told by  bandleader Garance Louis:  “I had a dream that I was in David Lynch club and he said to me ‘I’ve got  something for you…’ Incredibly frustratingly, I woke up before he could tell me. The very next day, I was in a car with a couple of friends who told me  they would be playing at David Lynch‘s club a few weeks later, and needed  an opening act…” 

This uncanny synchronicity proved the inspiration for a new and electrifying musical shift – away from the 25-piece orchestral arrangements of Louis’  eccentric folk ensemble  ‘Garance and The Mitochondries and towards something darker and more compelling. 

Tickets: CHEWY SHE’s Moth Popera at the New Adelphi Club Tickets, Wed, May 24, 2023 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite