Bunkerpop & I’m Not From London present…

  • Date: 15/06/2019
  • Time:20:00
  • Location: The New Adelphi Club
  • Venue: Bunkerpop & I'm Not From London present...
  •  Pay on the door

I’m Not From London comes to Hull!
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Bunkerpop & I’m Not From London present…

★ ★ ★ Hooky Street ★ ★ ★

Sat 15th June 2016 at The New Adelphi Club

I’m Not From London love Hull, we’re from Nottingham which means we’re not neither south nor north. We understand that in many ways Hull folk can sometimes feel a bit out of sync with many other less stylish Yorkshire people who see Hull as a kind of milkman’s illegitimate child sort of thing but not us. We like to see Hull as the jewel of the north, quietly confident unlike say Leeds, unbraggishly talented unlike say Sheffield and we really like the way you incorrectly say no.

We love The New Adelphi Club, it reminds us of The Maze. We’re glad it’s not closing down and we love the way you support (pay) to see each other on your launch nights. In Notts we book launch nights in tiny places to make the crowds look bigger, it’s the equivalent of having a children’s or dwarve’s birthday party in a crazy golf course to make everyone seem like giants. We also love dwarves and children and giants.

Come and say heluuuurgh to us on the night, we can’t promise we’ll understand or even agree with everything you say but we’ll certainly pretend to.

We’ve got our dear friends Bunkerpop who’s lovely band leader Paul has promised to put us up in his tour bus, we’ve seen some of these bohemoths outside Rock City and are very much looking forward to the crazy rock star tour bus party he’s planned for us!

Here’s what we know about the lineup….

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Bunkerpop sprang in to being in the spring of 2016 and are a beat driven human machine of five souls combining the hypnotic rhythms of Krautrock with a highly charged supergroove.

Fronted by a man of abstract audio pronouncements they are supreme purveyors of sonic mayhem, dance and audio visual chaos.

File under electro, über tight rhythm & urban mash. Bunkerpop make party. Use it.

Pre order their album here!




Read our review of the album here: https://www.imnotfromlondon.com/bunker-pop-mentality-album…/

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Introducing, Aeris Houlihan’s solo project ​ Witch of the East (ex
CHAMBERS ). Michael McManus (Drums). After Aeris left ​Chambers​ late 2018 she decided to write a solo album.
The album titled (Queen of Insecurity) draws on the orgasmic din of Witchy, Grunge horror. A beautifully dark concept album that touches on industrial rock, grunge and dark pop. The combination is sure to terrify people.

“Aeris Houlihan created the best ear-movie valentine anyone has ever made for you, exploring light, dark, tension and release. That she wrote, played and produced it all proves that time again, the female is always the deadliest of the species.”
– Jason Pettigrew – Alternative Press

Queen of Insecurity​ will be released 5th July 2019 through ​I’m Not From London Records​.

Damn your soul and pre order the album here: https://apple.co/2PAHTQw

https://www.youtube.com/c/witchoftheeast​ / ​

https://www.facebook.com/WitchotEast​ /



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Stacey McMullen is a genre fusing folk artist who uniquely combines multiple world styles of music, moving between Celtic folk, Samba, Flamenco, Blues and much more. Combined with original and provocative song writing, touching on subjects ranging anywhere from love, philosophy and politics, Stacey has started to gather attention both locally and nationally.

Musically Stacey avoids the overused sound of many singer-songwriters, utilising classical finger style guitar and flamenco techniques. Vocally, Stacey takes on multiple personas with different vocal ranges depending on the song, each giving a unique character and mood depending on the story being told.

Buy his EP ‘I Wait’ here:

Watch him here:

Hear him here:

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