Autosuggestion + Deaf Deaf Deaf + Pleasure Centre

  • Date: 16/10/2022
  • Time:2022/10/16 20:00
  • Location: 89 De Grey Street Hull HU52RU
  • Venue: Autosuggestion + Deaf Deaf Deaf + Pleasure CentreThe New Adelphi Club
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Mindful hand presents – TRANS PENINE EXCHANGE VOL 1.

Autosuggestion + Deaf Deaf Deaf + Support

A Hull, post-punk four piece debuting in 2019, Autosuggestion produce a captivating, energetic sound that belies their age with calculated lyricism and pummeling instrumentation.
Independent Band from Greater Manchester, UK. ‘A mile away from the average indie b*llocks and a marker for the Next Next Wave. DEAFDEAFDEAF cement their place in the rich vaults of Manc music with their own twist of subnormal soundscapes.’ – Louder Than War. ‘The Band perfectly executes a range of dynamic levels, knowing just when to throw an abundant amount of harsh noise at you resulting in an all more powerful feeling of intensity.’ – SPEW. ? ‘Touching on all of the unsettling emotions typically found in the melancholy genre, DEAFDEAFDEAF refuse to shy away from the truth.’ – Gigwise.
+ Pleasure Centre