Amy Lavere & Will Sexton

  • Date: 04/02/2020
  • Time:2020/02/04 20:00
  • Location: Hull
  • Venue: Amy Lavere & Will SextonThe New Adelphi Club
  •  Tickets soon
Amy Lavere & Will Sexton

Will Sexton is a respected artist, songwriter and producer with a list of acclaimed solo albums to his name. Keeping his old ties deep in the heart of Texas, Will now calls Memphis home with his wife, singer-songwriter Amy LaVere. Will and Amy have been touring and playing together in the U.S.and mainland Europe. Their collaborative CD, Hallelujah, I’m A Dreamer is spare and tight, showcasing Will and Amy’s fine playing styles and beautiful harmonies.
Will’s brother is of course, the famous guitarist with Bob Dylan etc etc Charlie Sexton !

A burgeoning star, Amy LaVere is becoming renowned worldwide for her songwriting, bass playing, and vocals. She sings with a sweet, haunting voice that can turn on a dime from innocent to lusty (“Norah Jones with an added Cyndi Lauper element” — Mojo Magazine; “Spookiness suits her” — New York Times). Playing as a duo with her husband Will Sexton, she’s an inventive, thoughtful singer-songwriter who has crowds throughout the US and Europe smitten.