Screaming Tarts presents… Black Water County.

  • Date: 09/11/2022
  • Time:2022/11/09 20:00
  • Location: 89 De Grey Street Hull HU52RU
  • Venue: Screaming Tarts presents... Black Water CountyThe New Adelphi Club
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Screaming Tarts presents…
Black Water County
Wednesday November 9th 2022.
The New Adelphi Club, Hull.
£12.50 + bf
Over the past eight years of playing music together, we’ve grown up through angsty teenage years into angstier adulthood, with only our music to reflect our hurdles and triumphs. On the days where the world seemed to be raging on indifferently or responsibilities came banging at our doors, we took solace amongst the singing, sweating people in front of us on a Friday night with that 10ft by 6ft space beneath our feet becoming our sanctuary.

In 2017 we independently released debut album ‘Taking Chances’ with a sold out launch show, and embarked on a series of headline tours as well as supports on the tours of a plethora of inspirational artists.

When creating music over the years, it has become integral for us to aknowledge not only a balance between guts and contemplation, but a harmony of punchy pop-punk guitar and hard hitting drums with the complex but determined layers of banjo, mandolin and tin whistle intertwined. With this we strive to pay homage to our appreciation of folk music and the significance of punk throughout our upbringings.