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The Stone Roses Ltd Print


The Stone Roses + Never Never + U.S Megachicks
A2 – 594mm x 420mm
Saturday 25th July 1987
Strictly Limited to 36 prints (36 Years of The Adelphi)
£10.00 + p&p

Releasing The Adelphi Archives
One released each Monday for the rest of 2020.
Next Monday 20th July – The Housemartins

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Stone Roses played just prior to making it big to a somewhat disputed audience size:

“The Stone Roses were booked to promote the first release of ‘Sally Cinnamon’ by their manager who assured me that the band were going to be massive.  The product certainly walked the walk, though the gig itself was not great with a poor turnout of around only 30.”  (Paul Jackson)

“My resounding memory of The Stone Rose were that they were really good, although there weren’t many there.  A year later they were massive.”  (Dave Bush)

“I was paid £4 plus free entry by Jacko for putting up posters for the Stone Roses, and saw Ian Brown jumping all over the punters.”  (Guy Gibson)