Laetitia Sadier / The Dyr Sister / Emma Fee

  • Date: 23/11/2018
  • Time:20:00
  • Location: The New Adelphi Club
  • Venue: Laetitia Sadier / The Dyr Sister / Emma Fee
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We Are Awayke presents… Laetitia Sadier / The Dyr Sister / Emma Fee

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Doors 8 pm


As we spin through this world, we are witness to all manner of combinations unfolding before us – familiar arcs and breaking waves alike, upon all of which it is our choice, our chance and our challenge, to possibly ride.

Laetitia Sadier is a French musician best-known as the singer of the avant-pop /post-rock band Stereolab. She has relentlessly followed her music through different dynamics and into a variety of dimensions over the course of four solo albums since 2010 (not to forget her three albums with Monade and of course the long era of the mighty Stereolab) She has contributed vocals to various groups such as The High Llamas, Blur, Mouse on Mars and Luna. It is an absolute pleasure to have her play in Hull at The New Adelphi Club.

Hailing from the City of Hull, Sally Currie AKA The Dyr Sister is a multi-instrumental cervine beat mistress who conjures up surreal tales with the aid of viola, synth, mandolin her voice and an array of DIY samples. Performing her catalogue of haunting, ethereal, modern-day folk songs as a one-woman band she paints a fascinating canvas of sound.

Her original and innovative pieces are influenced by a wide range of genres from jungle and dubstep through trip hop and hip hop and ending somewhere deep amongst the many varieties of traditional folk music from around the world.

Emma Fee also from Hull has been performing for many years now with her siblings in Happy Endings and more recently Mighty and the Moon. She is also a solo performer having released two EPs and an album. She draws lyrical inspiration from personal experiences and day to day observations, marrying them up with sometimes haunting but often uplifting melodies. Emma is currently performing her new EP “The Anachronist” live, introducing piano into her set as well as guitar.

Welcome to We Are Awayke and the 17th instalment of Super Audio Aceness.

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