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  • Release date: 24/01/2020
  • Label: Rock Action - Mogwai's Label
  • Catalog #: ROCKACT120CD

Rev Magnetic

Rev Magnetic’s Versus Universe – the latest offering from reclusive, Scottish-based polymath Luke Sutherland – demands you put your day on hold and drown in its ecstatic cacophony; equal parts unruly and pristine, delicate and deafening, Rev Magnetic’s debut LP veers dizzyingly from hushed tones to towering walls-of-sound, frequently at a moment’s notice.

Whilst Sutherland may be best known to many through regular cameos with Mogwai, he has been quietly treading his own singular narrative over the past three decades. From Long Fin Killie’s whispered art-rock, to Bows’ blissful trip-hop, to Music AM’s erudite glitch-pop, Sutherland’s shape-shifting nous and immaculate taste make it somewhat baffling we aren’t shouting about him more often. Rev Magnetic’s Versus Universe, loosely telling the story of a Congolese woman whose parents disappeared in space, is Sutherland’s first new music in thirteen years, and it is loud: a maximalist, stylistically-kaleidoscopic shoegaze album, leavened with trap hi-hats, 808s, vocoder, found sound, violins and trumpets.

Read more at: https://thequietus.com/articles/26536-rev-magnetic-versus-universe-review

Rev Magnetic play The Adelphi on Thursday 3oth January. £7 / £5 Members
with Bunkerpop + Dive. Doors 8.00pm