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So this is the new, temporary site for my Adelphi, after a planned online absence of 6 years. There will be another going up shortly, all being well, but I'd first like to thank Dan and Steve for their work on this. You have been stars of The Adelphi.
Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson

My relationship with this place began on October 1st 1984. That will make us 28 on October 1st this year. I guess that's quite a stretch, but it's mostly been alot of fun, and a great privilege to have worked and played alongside so many talented young people from around the world. Thank you too!

In its time, The Adelphi became very famous. In fact some would say the most famous (sometimes infamous) place in Hull. It certainly became an international music venie of substantial repute. Famous, not just for the host of masive international names that performed here, but also for the diversity of its music programming policy, as well as the uniquely relaxed and friendly nature of our shows.

It was, and is, a meeting place for smart, talented and creative people; as well as being somewhere to see fantastic live performances from outside the mainstream.

It is also a safe, and pretty much trouble free environment. Most would say they have never witnessed trouble here, though I think we have had to call the police out on average once every 5 years. If you are a student, we don't have the money to pay The Student Union for a 'safe' accreditation. What I would say with certainty is that we are much safer than the places that do have the money, and that students have always been more than welcome. We may not have the glossiest leaflets, or the biggest marketing budget. What we do have is far more important, and far more interesting than that.

In recent years: and on the back of defective 'noughties' Public Protection legislation: The Adelphi has had it's wings clipped a bit, and we have had to eliminate certain audiences from our programming. In many ways this has been hard to take as it has impacted negatively on the integrity of the place, but you do what you have to do I guess.

What I can say with confidence is that the calendar is bursting with talent and brilliant live shows from around the world. I can say that the place is far better, in many ways, than it has ever been during the course of it's proud history; and I can say that the unique and relaxed vibe of this wonderful performance space remains intact and untainted; that you might come and sample it sometime. I really hope you will!